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    maybe thats a problem with your tv settings?

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    No registering, latest anime here:

    They have One Piece subbed 2 hours after it airs in Japan! The funimation subs that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey D. Dragon View Post
    Does anyone know how to allign my xbox 360 screen?

    I downloaded the k-f torrents, they run perfectly on my computer. Then I burned them on DVD and played them on my xbox 360, the picture is good but I can barely see the subtitles! help!

    i can see half of the subtitles at the bottom of my screen.
    which connection to your TV do you use???

    I use the HDTV connection by screen cable (not the 5 way splitted cable, not HDMI) combined with the $dows media center connection an it works quite well since i use the same resultion settings on my TV screen as an my computers' screen.

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