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    One Piece Anime Download

    Greetings! I have been reading One Piece manga and I watn to start watching the anime. Here are my questions to you folks:

    1. What are good fan-sub groups? Like who provides accurate translation, high-quality, up-to-date releases?

    2. Where can I download the anime besides from general torrent site? Could you please provide me a link?

    Thank you in advance!

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    This links are torrents for One Piece:
    - One Piece BitTorrent Downloads - One Piece HQ
    - K-F BitTorrent
    (second has batch torrents, but only til 243~)

    In my opinion, best fansub so far is Kaizoku-Fansub, though I stopped watching the anime at episode 345. They haven't catched up with the last episode, you'll have to use other fansubs' versions for last eps.

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    thx i needed that ^^

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    Yo dammi thx

    I watched till 181 now ( I started watching all Epis again a few weeks ago )

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    Where can i watch One Piece online ? But only english sub not dub

    Found it....if someone need it here a link:
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    Minato Namikaze - thanks!

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    go here u might need an account but its all rapidshare has the movies somewhere too

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    LQ streams and mq downloads, aprox 80mb per episode so downloading goes very fast

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    to anyone interested
    i just stumbled upon some fresh, well seeded batch torrents for one piece
    kaizoku fansubs, i believe they're pretty good
    it's on and they're 10 episode batches


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