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    Manga themed images/skin


    The only suggestion I have for this forum, is to have it tell people that visit: "Wooo! I'm a manga board!" The only thing currently telling that is the page's title. So, maybe a manga-themed skin would be cool, with a (rotating, possibly user-submitted) manga-themed banner. When I see the looks of this forum, I get the feeling it's aimed at a small-scale community, although I don't think it was meant to be that way.

    Conclusion: A manga-themed skin would be cool.'s design looked really cool, so if you consider the suggestion I made, I bet you could do it on your own. Anyway, I've got several years of forum (mostly IPB though) skinning experience behind me, so I could always help out if neccessary.

    Don't hate me. xD

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    yea sounds like an great idea but i think Blud said he'll be able to this kinds of things when everything gets all settled
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    Uhm... I think not having any manga theme header in the forum makes its look more serious, more professional (but still funny and entertained inside, heh).

    Whatever, a not-very-heighted manga related header image could be good (yeah, those fanarts used in BS website looked great in the website!).

    But, at least at the moment, I think there are more important things to take care of (like the front page), maybe they didn't put a header 'cuz there's no really need to do it atm.

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    There will be new skin(s) eventually, but as damnz said, there are other priorities right now (not including the new arcade, it took like 3 minutes to install).

    Give us some time and this site will look great

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