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    signature picture in a spoiler...

    Um... not sure if this question is the same with the question 'more sig pic' but I'll just ask anyway.

    I think it is not enough that we're only allowed 2 picture. because there will be a lot of Fan club later on with lovely sig/button that we can post at our sig to show our membership. So, it'll be trouble some if we can only have two pictures per sig.

    So I suggest what if we're only allowed only 2 Pictures that will be showed in our sig... but if someone some more he/she can put the picture in a spoiler so it won't effect the loading of the page. Can it be done? Pleasse?
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    I don't know about your idea but Spoiler tags would be a great addition to this forum.

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    2 pics max, not sure if we'll raise this later, but it's fine as it is for now. Since vBulletin doesn't recognize spoiler tags by default it won't discount them unless it's hard coded.

    Jink > [spoiler] tags do exist on this forum.


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