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    Bleach Bleach -102 Discussion / -101 Predictions

    The chapter is out, as always done super fast by Binktopia

    Bleach -102 | Download bleach manga chapter -102 at Manga Share


    It's a nice chapter, but there didn't happen a lot in my opinion. All the current Vizards go to Kensei so we will probably see next chapter how they became Vizard. I think the Pendulum chapters are coming to an end.

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    It's nice to know that I was right about Tessai Tsukabishi being a/the Captain of the Kido Corps... Weird uniform though.

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    So everyone who investigates becomes a vizard... But why did Tessai join Urahara anyway? I bet only people with strong reiatsu can control their inner hollow so only the Cs and VCs become vizard.

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    Well this was one of the best chapters as far as im concerned. Cant wait for the next one

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    I bet Tessai gets pissed at soul society for banishing his Vice Captain for turning into a vaizard. Tessai probably tells them to shove a level 90 kidou up their noses and he splits with urahara. He seems quite loyal to Urahara so he must not be angry at him for being the cause of the hollowfication of his vc. I wonder why the Vaizards dont stay with urahara as well? Maybe they feel they don't belong with regular humans because they are different, or even superior to regular humans.

    I hope we get to see shinji in action next chapter, and I really hope we get to see all of them in their hollow forms fighting the transformation.

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    In the Online Reader there is a wrong page on chapter -102, the page 6 is showing the same page 6 of the chapter -103...

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    How Shunsui has a thing for girls with glasses.

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    Nice chap, everything is falling into place, its pretty much in the bag now that all the vaizards (or in that timeline, 'soon to be' vaizards) are gathered together with one of them going through a hollow transformation.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    maybe its only a coincidence, but hollow ichigo and hollow kensei are really similar...
    just look @ it
    Bleach 222 | Read bleach chapter 222 manga online at Manga Share
    Bleach -102 | Read bleach chapter -102 manga online at Manga Share

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