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oh wows this brings back sooo much memories.

i was pretty satisfied w/ the ending but at the same time dissapointed cause satsuki was just pushed aside. i felt so bad for that girl. she never really had the chance from the beggining but she showed the most effort. she deserved to be happy!!!

True. Satsuki was awesome! I think Manaka and Satsuki would have been a better pair than him and Nishino. Hell, even Kozue would have been a good match. Satsuki was HOT and got along better with Manaka than anyone else. Only god knows why Manaka turned her down everytime...

I feel even more sorry for Tojou though. I mean after the confession scene in the movie, Manaka says, "If it was real, I wouldn't have a problem choosing." They were meant to be together and it just irritates me thinking of what could have been.