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    READ BEFORE POSTING: Spoiler Thread Template

    Copy and paste the section relevant for the type of thread you're creating, code and all. Please note that the Spoilers Discussion template will require you to manually add a URL linking to the relevant Spoilers Thread.

    Spoilers Thread

    PHP Code:
    Post here spoiler summariestranslationspictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
    B]No discussion is allowed here.[/B] If you want to discuss the spoilersplease do it in the [URL="link"]Spoilers Discussion[/URLthreadAny discussion reply here will be moved or deleted.

    CENTER][COLOR="Red"][b][SIZE="4"]No spoilers outside this thread[/SIZE]
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractionsthere are people who do not wish to get spoiledPlease respect that![/b][/COLOR][/CENTER]

    b][color="DarkRed"][u]Important notes:[/u][/color][/b]
    b]Along with the spoileradd the source of it.[/b][*][b]Put text spoilers in quote tags.[/b][*][b]Do not post babelfish/google translations heresince they're not accurate. You can post those translations in the Spoilers Discussion thread.[/b][*][B]We really appreciate spoiler pictures but please post them with spoiler tags to guarantee a easy overview for the thread.[/B][/list] 

    Spoilers Discussion Thread

    PHP Code:
    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the [URL="link"]Spoilers[/URLthread.

    CENTER][COLOR="Red"][b][SIZE="4"]No spoilers outside this thread[/SIZE]
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractionsthere are people who do not wish to get spoiledPlease respect that![/b][/COLOR][/CENTER

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating the spoilers thread and its discussion thread, remember to remove the "link" part of the url link section and place in the link for the relevant thread...otherwise people will get this, instead of the discussion/spoiler thread.

    Regarding the rules related to when Spoilers/Spoiler Discussion threads should be posted.

    Spoilers/Spoilers Discussion thread may only be posted by a member in the anticipation of the imminent arrival of spoilers onto the web, this refers to any spoilers that are found, whether fake or real as long as it is deemed credible.

    Regarding the term anticipation of the imminent arrival of spoilers, specifically means anywhere from a few hours to up a day beforehand.

    Mods/Admins can put it up whenever they want...I can't tell them what to do.
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