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    Yeah i downloaded every single anime episode while it was already at around 250. loved every second of it
    but as lordmacintoshii said
    Quote Originally Posted by lordmacintoshii View Post
    You could stream some of the episodes and dl others.
    one of the top 3 animes of all time for me. definitely worth it

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    Next to your garbage can.
    I streamed each episode from 1 - present. is a good place to start.

    All my manga needs were taken care of by as well as this site.

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    I reccently became a One Piece fan, i watched the anime all the way through then read the manga the rest of the way. I've watched the anime through twice now and never watched the fillers, even though people suggested that i should. I'm not a filler kind of person xD

    Here are two sites i streamed from.

    The second 1 is higher quality (divx) but the episodes are split into parts and i found that somtimes around peek hours they took a long time to buffer.

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    G8 Arc (Filler 196-206) is the only filler arc thats worth watching imo
    Så glöm allt för kung är min riktiga titel.

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