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    One Piece One Piece 499 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
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    First thing first, Himajin's summary.
    Chapter 499: Shabondy Park
    Coverstory: Giraff Slide. The content is obvious

    Luffy and co. heads to the Theme Park to look for Rayleigh.
    Around the same time, in a diffreiont location, a kidnapping gang schemes to kidnap Camie.

    Instead of pursuing the manhunt, Luffy and co. ends up enjoying the theme park, to the point of puking.
    The kidnappers gets close to Camie.

    Scene chanages, and you see the Tenryuubito (diffrent ones than the last time) walking the streets. They are behaving arrogant as usual.
    Zoro comes across them. They block Zoro's path.
    Zoro: ....What? You wanna ask for directions or something?
    Crowd: !!?

    Next moment, the Tenryuubito fires his gun at Zoro. Zoro gracefully dodges the bullet, and gets ready to attack him.
    Bonny jumps out, and jumps on Zorro.
    She pretends Zoro to be her brother, and cries out that the Tenryuubito shot him to death.

    Apparantly, even the Supernovas refrains from starting a fight with the Tenryuubito.
    Urouge, Apoo, and Hawkins talk about how crazy Zoro is, but at the same time seems to be respecting him.

    Around the same time, Camie has been kidnapped.
    Sanji hears about this on the Den-Den mushi. Sanji is pissed.
    Sanji: I'm calling the Flying Fish Riders!!!
    Quote: Aohige_AP
    *** = scan too blurry to read
    Page 1:
    [Kidnapping Team Hound*** (blurry) boss Peter Man]
    PeterMan: Mermaid on land... this is a great chance! There's no chance we'd catch them in the sea.
    Thanks for telling us! The payment for your info is 10% of the selling price of the Mermaid, ok?
    Bounty Hunter A: Well... if you could, we want around 20%...
    Bounty Hunter B: No, 10% will do just fine sir, heh heh....

    Page 2:
    Luffy and co., having fun on the rides.

    Page 3:
    Luffy and co., puking their lunch.

    On the Ferris wheel:
    Luffy: Hahaha, Is that cries of joy?
    Camie: It's been my childhood dream to ride this! It's so high off the ground...!

    Page 4:
    Zoro: ...Huh?
    Tenryuubito: ..........!? What!! ......
    Zoro: ....? What, you wanna ask for directions or something?
    Crowd: !!?

    Page 5:
    Apoo: Heyhey what is he doing!! If he does that, he's gonna....!!!
    Zoro is about to dice up the noble
    Bonney jump in, and tackles him.
    Zoro: ....!? A child!?

    Page 6:
    Bonney is crying holding Zoro's body
    Bonney: Brother, why have you died!? Brother....!! (rest is cut off)
    Tenryuubito: For a second I thought he dodged the bullet... but I guess I was seeing things. Well... if he's dead, then that's fine....

    Zoro: Why the hell did you get in my way?
    Bonney: What the hell do you think you're doing!? You're gonna get an Admiral to come to this island!
    Zoro: ?
    Bonney: If you're a pirate, you should know the unwritten "rule" among pirates!!
    Zoro: ?
    Bonney: Don't bring us trouble!

    Page 7:
    Capone's man: That man is pirate hunter Zoro, of the Strawhats Pirates.
    Capone: He attacked a Tenryuubito... he's totally nuts.
    Hawking: But I do not see a death in the man's future.
    Apoo: That moment, I felt a tremendous killer instinct from him... That guy's a beast.
    Urouge: He's 120 million and still a "second". He doesn't look like the type to follow someone else... It says a lot about the capacity of the captain.
    ??? (cut off, can't see): The hospital?
    ???: I'm taking him, he's shot.
    ???: Huh?? Leave him, you don't even know the guy!
    ???: Wow, absurd....

    Page 8:
    Pappag?: We don't know where she'll be sold to! Or who kidnapped her!!
    The archipelago is too big, but... we'll have to split up and search for her!
    Sanji: Tell me the details, and stay where you are.
    Pappag?: What? But....
    Sanji: We know the professionals in finding people.
    I'm calling in the Flying Fish Riders!!!
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    One Piece 499 Spoilers Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    Finally, after 2 really long weeks, we're here again with more One Piece to enjoy. Discuss the spoilers around this read only.

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    interesting... makes me think about a few new theories
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    something tells me an Admiral is going to come.

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    Chinese Scanlation, NOT for scanlation.


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