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    Name: Serenade
    Shikai: Absorbs any attack, converts it into energy that the sword can use to cut anything. User's reiatsu can also be used to amplify cutting power if not enough energy was absorbed. When I mean cut anything, I mean ANYTHING.
    Bankai: An invisible sphere forms around the user that can basically sense anything inside or near the sphere (5 senses only). Any projectiles (or something with high velocity) gets deflected. It converts the kinetic energy of the high moving object into energy that can be use for the deflection. User controls direction of deflection.
    Weakness: If opponent does not attack, then there is no energy to absorb and is just a normal sword. In that case, user has to use martial arts and intelligence to win the fight. The faster the attack, the easier it can be deflected, but if the opponent uses slow attacks, they are still effective i.e. holds, grappling.
    Personality: Very peaceful, does not like to fight unless opponent throws an attack.
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    zanpaktou name:lycona (dual blade,darkness princess lycoris,and heavenly princess luna)

    shikai ability:(darkness slash(creates vibrating slashing waves of darkness)
    (heavely light(strikes the enemy with a lances of light)

    Bankai:the blades changes with a green hilt,one gold one black
    one becomes attack and defense
    gold blade luna-light barrier reacts on it own and deflects attacks back into light beams

    black blade lycoris-darkness purge,covers the sky like the clouds and falls black rain slashes and acid,which the gold blade barrier protects the user

    weakness-barrier can be broken by power full explosion,which it cannot deflect
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    I was just thinking about a zanpakuto power that pwn Aizen.

    Name: Munashii

    Shape: Long katana

    Color: Blade - Pale Blue
    Blade when in Shikai - Gradually brighter/glowing blue as time goes on until complete strong bright blue
    Hilt - White
    Scabbard - blue with swirls/ripples on it

    Description: A zanpakuto that sucks up all the oxygen in the air within a certain radius. The radius would get larger the stronger I got and the more I trained. The oxygen in the air wouldn't disappear fast though, it would slowly suck up into my zanpakuto making the blade colder and colder while making my enemy have a harder time breathing, slowing down and getting dizzy. They would realize this only when it was too late though and wouldn't have enough energy to shunpo out of my radius and just be suffocated. I of course would not be affected by my powers, in fact I could take some of that oxygen in my blade and pump it into me giving me a boost of energy and getting the muscles going. Additional/overflow power is that because my blade is absorbing all that oxygen and getting super cold each slash will freeze them a little bit, nothing major but just additional damage.

    Weakness: If someone grabs you while Munashii is activated then they will be able to breath properly too. This is more of a strategic zanpakuto than a brute force/kidou type. Basically its a special one.

    I don't have Bankai yet because im a noob.
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    Name: Bitch

    Shikai: Who's your daddy, bitch
    Make a target hot chick my slave for the rest of her life lol

    Bankai: bitch where's my money?
    Reset my bank account to 99999999999999999.... (as much figures my bank account can hold
    and without any suspection from the IRS/bank itself lol)

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    Name: emperor sasori

    Allow me to move through space and make them a grain of dust in the sands of time, master of your domain emperor sasori

    Shape: A golden khopesh with an hour glass scabbard

    Shikai: allows the user to slip into a pocket dimension that makes it appear as if time slows down allowing them to easily avoid attacks. Stabbing someone (in this dimension) can cause them to age at a rapid rate.

    Bankai: envelops the user in a scorpion armor with 2 long tail blades attached to the wrists that can pierce through the dimension allowing them to appear anywhere the user wants every time the user strikes and if it hits anything be it sword man or whatever it is aged at a rapid rate till they are nothing but dust in the wind.

    Weakness: spending time in the pocket dimension ages the user and weakens them so spending limited time there is for the best.

    Personality: timid and reclusive, hates fighting unless it has no choice and feels threatend

    Spirit: Giant aged golden scorpion
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    Name: SHINE???

    Shape: Looks like a normal sword but its no normal iron its a mirror (exept the side)

    SHIKAII am able to collect sunhine. When the blade starts to shine:
    1. I am able to blind my enemy.
    2. I can send a light beam to hit my enemy. (when i do this the sword has to reload)

    BANKAI:The shape does not change.I can absorb much more light. But if i release the light, There is no beam but an energyball wich I can shapeshift like whatever i want.

    Weakness: no light no power.

    Spirit: A copy of me when I was younger and its not aging.

    Personality: Often anoying but when Im in a sticky situation it gives me usefull tips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodOfSpoiler View Post
    Name: Bitch

    Shikai: Who's your daddy, bitch
    Make a target hot chick my slave for the rest of her life lol

    Bankai: bitch where's my money?
    Reset my bank account to 99999999999999999.... (as much figures my bank account can hold
    and without any suspection from the IRS/bank itself lol)
    looooooooooooooooooooooooooool ur a G hmm can u use ur bankai on me please?

    He Who Speaks Without An Attentive Ear Is Mute.

    Originally Posted by halaros536
    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    Shikai:Able to create any weapon from darkness stored in me(My reiatsu basically)
    Weapon shape and size are restricted.

    Bankai:Number of weapons become unlimited and infinite;shape and size are unresricted. Allows usage of the "Gauntlet of Hades" which absorbs others reiatsu, and uses it for attacks.

    Weakness: Constantly drains reiatsu. Due to this,fights are short, or I choose not to fight at all.

    Spirit: Victorian Goth Gentleman

    Personality: Wise, quiet, and very refined.Also, a bit of a smart-ass
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    go to page 6, i straightened up my thoughts and editted my zanpakuto

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    Edited my entry on page 8 as well.
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