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    this thread should be revived, so here goes
    Shikai: Demon King
    Appearance: Bloody black blade
    Abilities: once blood is drawn from the opponents by the blade, they will die in 40 seconds.

    no bankai yet

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    Zanpaktou: Devils Right Hand (but in japanese) Looks like the devil. Its a only zanpaktou to have the hell/underworld element. Also know as the demons element.

    Shikai's Apperance: it looks like scythe with a demon claw pitch fork at the other end. Can be broken in half linked with a chain.

    Ability: Steal and absorb spirit power. Attacks look like these of hollows (dark chaotic looking) but more redish.

    Bankai: Opens up the gates of hell and you probably knows what happens after that.

    Command: Go to hell
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeurtno View Post
    My zanpaktou would be named bash
    Shikai- Gauntlets cover my hands and feet and I feel almost no pain from my opponant. It would almost be a berserking zanpaktou based on charging a striking my opponant with a flurry of punches and kicks
    Bankai- flexable Armor covers my whole body with a large boost in speed and power. I retain my ability to ignore pain and gain more calm in combat. I also gain a greater ability to "read" my opponants body to predict movment. It would be a more opertunistic zanpaktou. I would dodge and wait for my oppont to slip up before going in to attack. If I ever became close to death I would go into a blind berserk with no regard to what happend to myself but would gain another boost in speed and power.
    Hmm so this is a Bleachtard huh?
    That aside, a sword that manupulates wind would be awesome, something even better than Jushiro Ukitake's though

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    name: KAZE KISAKI(wind queen)

    appearance: a WAKAZASHI. her hilt is green and the bubbarb is black swirls and at the end she has a green string with two red bells attached. her guard is in a circular shape with wind engravements enscriped in the inside.

    release command 1: SPLIT THE SKY WITH GRACEFUL WINDS, KAZE KISAKI. shouka kaze kisaki (singing wind queen)

    shikai #1: the physical appearance of the blade does not change, but the two bells become one ball with two razors coming out of each side,the razors on the red ball completely skewers by touch as the razors vibrate at an unmatchable speed. shouka kaze kisaki allows the wielder too control wind, air, oxygen which means she can decompress the oxygen in an opponents lungs and implode them. The slashes created by shouka kaze kisaki gives off an immense amount of spirit power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of wind in the shape of kaze kisakis griffon spirit. the griffon flies at opponents and instantly slices anything it touches.

    shikai #2: BLOW THEM AWAY! KAZE KISAKI: HOERU KAZE KISAKI (howling wind queen). once again, the appearance of the wakazashi doesent change except for the ball with two vibrating razors. with this release kaze kisaki's wind is focused on brute power, being able to create hurricane winds and even super tornado's with ease.

    bankai:GOUZEN KAZE MEGAMI(roaring wind goddess) causes wind too solidify onto its user, forming into two large wings and the red razor ball becoming a tail AND a lions head shape on the torso. wind also forms into a eagles head around the wielders sword hand encasing it up to the hilt; which is in the shape of an 10-pointed star. the wielder left arm is covered fully until the wrist where it then spans into lion claws leaving his hand and fingers free. the wielders feet are encased in a similar manner to his left hand. Additionally, his wings are capable of folding around him to serve as slicing wind shields as well as creating strong winds for blowing. wings can be used too fly at INCREDIBLE speeds and hights.


    MAZERU ZETSUMEI KAGO(blending death cage). kaze kisaki's wielder stabs the opponent, from the wounds open out a cocoon of slicing wind locking the opponent in and slicing them to instantious death

    SANSO HEKI KEN(Oxygen Severing Blade). turns the oxygen in an opponents lungs into blades that exit out on the kaze kisaki's weilders command.

    TSUYOI KAZE KABE(strong wind wall). reflect any physical and energy attacks directly back at the opponent or to any place the weilder would like.

    GAI TATSUMAKI (scythe tornado). a quick kill type technique. unleash a tornado of slicing winds on your opponent.

    UNARI KIBA ROOYA (Roaring fang prison). wind solidified in the shape of a lions head acts as a prison, with the mouth as the cage.THE FANGS of the lions mouth act as prison bars made of slicing wind, but upon the command of kaze kisaki's weilder, the mouth will close, insuring instant death

    SHIPUUU DAGEKI (hurricane strike). unleash a single blast of wind as strong as a mighty hurricane

    WASHI DANGAN (eagle bullet). fire a blast of air shaped like and eagles head at high speed.

    as long as there is oxygen around, the blade can always reform and recharge its powers. also, kaze kisaki has an incredible healing ability called IYASU KAZE (healing breeze). the released air can cure most illnesses and instantly heal wounds, but the user must BEG KAZE KISAKI to use this ability for it is a great drain on her reitsu. kaze kisaki is the most powerful wind elemental zanpakuto in existance, being considered as the goddess of the wind. she is very prideful, but at the same time loves to flirt with guys and girls often times being very perverted, suggesting she's BI.

    :EDIT: *2000 post and 2 years later* man, i loved this idea, it was a complete freestyle of thought. decided to elaborate on her some more xD
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    woah! ...sounds dangerously powerful..... man, your a sick dude

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    @BWORMKING. You have a serious imagination.

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    The thread right above this 1 is of the same thing.

    but ill have a go.

    I just want a normal sword with an extremely sharp edge

    shikai - Absolute hypnosis. (it would be cool having a slave do all ur work, although its not unique)
    bankai - I havent reached it yet.

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    Mine would be called "Makanai" (cook), and it would have lots of shikai abilities such as:
    make me some sushi, make me some steaks, make me a lobster thermidore lol.
    It doens't need a bankai

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    /threads merged.

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    i think i'll chose Vergil's Yamato from DMC. It will always be in it's released form, and it's bankai would be the devil trigger lmao

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