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    Zanpakuto Name: Konpeki Shojo (Azure Maiden)
    Phrase: Kogoe (Whisper)
    Sealed: Regular sized katana, nothing special
    Shikai: An azure chokuto (about 4 inches longer blade than a regular chokuto) which constantly "leak" reiatsu.
    Attacks: Azure rain(an attack formed by the "leaking" reiatsu)
    Bankai: no bankai yet.

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    name: 剣司祭 (sword priest).
    the sword looks like a normal katana, though loger than normal.
    shikai: the holder saids, "unsheath, sword priest" light shines everywhere, and 7 holograms of a blade (no hilt) floats in a circle around the sword. the wielder can choose to solidify the swords at will so will not hurt teamates. the blades can turn so translucent they are nearly invisible, but releases some reiatsu so can be detected by pros.
    the wielder can mentally control these blades, and can create combos like the blades spinning and rapidly stabing the enemy.
    bankai: 判断が与えられるものとします (Judgement shAll be given)
    the sword will be swung up high up in the air, and spins (slowly) and rate in circles, and after a few seconds it will stop middair and then swords spray out of the two sides of the blade. and after the things accumulate to like 2 really big piles of swords (floating in the air) -about 2000- the sword falls back down to the floor stabbing, and when the wielder holds it back his clothes have changed into a white cloak like a priest. now he can control the two floating pile of swords and constantly stab the enemy. or he can separate some swords to form shields, or make some swords spin to form an offensive shield.
    bankai 2nd attack: 神かけて軽いです (By God's light)
    with a swing of his hands he gathers swords around the battle field , and forms a funnel thing. since the swords are reflective, he makes the sword spin incredibly fast reflecting light and distracting the opponent. then he quickly distributes more reiatsu in the swords that are spinning, and uses kidoh and fire multiple white lightning on the opponent, and then he uses a full kidoh enchantment and fires it at enemy.
    Bankai mode 2: そして 取り除いた 全ての悪 (And Rid all Evil)
    the swords will radiate light and blind like the whole battlefield, and when the enemy can see now, the wielder's sword has turned into a large blade circle floating above his hands. slowly when the awesomeness of the ring's appearance has worn off, the enemy will now have seen the large cloaked figure behind the wielder, which is the "sword priest".
    Bankai mode 2, attack 1: 目に見えない判断で (by unseen judgement)
    the blade circle is actually all of the swords in the first bankai condensed to a single circle. and by using the near transparency which is now 99.9% and shrinking the swords as small as powder, he makes the powder swords fly towards the enemy, thus "unseen judgement". they are like byakuya's blade petals but invisible and smaller so even ichigo's superfast bankai would be probably not possible to block every sword dust. And when the amount of dust is like a mini beach

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    Zanpakuto Name: Hoshi-tsuin [Twin Star]
    Phrase: shuukou [condense]
    Sealed: Twin Kodachi, one with a black hilt one with a white hilt. Guards are inverted colors of the yin-yang symbol , both worn on the back of the waist
    Shikai: Both merge into a Nodachi with the blade bing half black and white. Yin Yang symbol merged for the guard.
    Shikai Ability: Gravity Control within a small space it cuts, like Rukia's First dance. [20m in diameter land to air]
    Bankai: The Shikai Separates and becomes twin kodachi version of its nodachi form. Retains its Gravity control to the extent of creating a point singularity.[Effect of 8m in diameter.] It drags anything within the field of effect to a single spot which they cannot move from. New ability to cut reality and travel between dimensions. [Hueco Muendo, Real World, Soul Society]

    I become a follower of Aizen!

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    zanopakuto's name: ryuukihei (dragoon)

    shikai: to unseal its phrase is flicker ryuukihei. in its unsealed form it looks like a tetsaiga but instead of fur being the guard its a dragons wings which also are blades on the outer part. its ability is to instantly teleport back to my hand at command regardless of its position. it is used as a throwing weapon as well as a melee weapon when thrown i can make a small area around it explode with the phrase nenshou (combustion).

    bankai:its full name is benihi ryuukihei (crimson flame dragoon) its form is drastically changed (ill attempt to draw a picture and show you it but i cant draw very well) it retains all of its shikai abilities but nenshou has a bigger area of explosion and i can now also teleport (kinda like flash steps good amount faster not limited to distance and can move through objects[not going fast just basically teleporting so slashing in motion like shunpo can isn't possible}) its master attack is summoning a massive flame dragon moves name is inferno dragon of the empire.
    bankai 2nd form:merging with my flame dragon gives me a dragon type form (ie its horns, tail, claws, wings,eyes and slightly bigger fangs. the the wings are a powerful defence which i can use to cover myself in which can protect me from most medium based kidou attacks(and just about all flame attacks regardless of its strength level) the eyes grant me a greater perception and the tail i can use like a hand and also teleport my sword to it.

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    laluna voshsti alen delkrolen
    sealed-halbird-can be a katona when summoned
    activation word - shingu my sword of bloody lust
    shikai- 1 thousand vivid displays of death
    once seen it causes the seer to see 1 thousand ways of their own death with 1 thousand swords around them which makes them go insane.
    bankai-synphony of 1 thousand years of masacares
    like the release form it shows and makes come true 1 thousand ways of the opponents death.

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    hmm... idk ill make this up reall fast. it would be crimson mirage, a very long blood red katana. ability: can create heat in anything it touches and heat will not be transfered unless the user wants it to move elsewhere. in regular it can only create fires. in shikai it can create blue fires, lava, magma, etc. in bankai can create heat levels equal to the sun and if user is strong enuff he can create the heat of a supernova in the object.

    the downside of the weapon would be i guess that its really long. this makes the user slow and miss the target often

    hehe i took longer than i expected haha but this is fun
    hehe, i came up with something pretty simple while i just made the first one cuz i was thinking about MMORPGs lol. this one is just an idea dont have any details or names for it. it would be something along the lines where a dome is created and when in the dome if the user of the dome is hit than the hitter recieves the same damage %. so like if the dome user loses 50% of his energy from an attack the attacker loses 50%. but since i didnt think in it too well ill just say it doesnt work if its multiple ppl attacking haha.
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    i was thinking about it and i would rather have the Quincy power that and my Quincy power will be stronger then anyones bankai


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    right. because the quincy obviously wiped out the shinigami haha jj

    made by [DFX]
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    you're now my favorite person.
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    I would have one that, when released, would turn into a heaping pile of $100 bills...and maybe a couple of priceless antiques too.

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    well, there's a spear zanpakutou, so why not a ball and chain one...
    yeah, but the ball can be controlled with reiatsu when released and can also shoot the spikes...
    the bankai would be an armor of some kind, with two balls and chains, or maybe ball and chain nunchuks or whatever... it must of course, be fast... hell if the made it a lazy zanpakutou like the spear dude's that needs to awaken upon bankai, they can make it the fastest one, which you wouldn't expect from ball and chain...

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