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    Exclamation A few manga volumes for sale.

    I thought I'd help out this guy and at the same time, you might've been looking for these... copy&paste


    Hello everyone, Ian Smith here, I founded Mangascreener back in the 1990's in case you don't remember me. Anyways, I've been unemployed since April and I'm heading to Tokyo for a couple months in June, so for the dual purpose of cleaning out my closet and lining my pockets I'm putting a bunch of manga up on eBay.

    Please make sure to check out my eBay auctions, right now I've got lots of Beck, Katteni Kaizo, Bastard!!, Blade of the Immortal, Shonan Jun'ai Gumi, Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! and many more running, all starting at just one dollar. I'll be auctioning off a couple hundred more volumes of manga, artbooks, dvds and Japanese CDs over the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry for the shameless advertisement, maybe when I get back from Japan my Japanese will be good enough to help out with the translation of some of our old series.
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    Hmmm... that Beck pack looks reaaally interesting... I hope the price doesn't go too much up...

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