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Out of place, this poll.

Why people want Chaoji die? Because he's plain, not a sexy man as other heros.
Because he's an ordinary man, not an extraodinary hero.
Because he has done nothing yet (except helping/supporting Linalee, he's the only ordinary human you witness the action of exorcists in this manga).

Well that's all rubbish.

Why his death? It's not because he's not suffisiently strong to win against Tyki. It's just because people don't like him.

Poor thing, could you all let him showing what he can do before condamning him already?

That's why I won't vote, because this poll is merrily a populary vote about Chaoji.
I think it's because of the way he talked to Allen a few chapters ago, called him a devil, etc. That dropped his popularity tenfold.