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    Where to download the latest tv shows??

    NEWS!!! I got a new URL, check it out:

    Alright well I loved msgplayer's Asian movie/drama collection so much that I decided to make one for English TV Series/Movies as well.

    Well first of all this if for unfortunate ppl like me who are unable to download properly through torrents (which would be so much more convenient) so I have to opt for DDL links. And since I'm pretty sure there are others as well suffering from the same fate, I will gather a collection of links from file-sharing sites for as many tv series and/or movies that are requested.

    These may consist of rapidshare/megaupload links etc. Mostly all of them will not be uploaded by me so I cannot guarantee their (in)activity so do not request reuploads. If it's a popular series/movie then you may PM me and if you're lucky I might find some, but otherwise... don't.

    Also if you have any links you want to add, please PM them to me and I will add them to the list, if they do not already contain working links. And if you want me to add links for a series thats not on the list then you can request them.

    (I will add more to the list for that I have working links of... as more is requested)
    For more links that aren't listed visit TV DDL Links or Movie DDL Links

    TV Series

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