I just bought vol. 1 from an online anime store, so it's an official release, not something from ebay where it's bootlegged. I haven't seen any other official releases of the anime, so i have nothing to compare it with, but I noticed that the subtitles are off quite a bit. First it seems like the names are totally incorrect, I listened for what they were saying in japanese and they were using the same names that the english manga releases use. For instance Gin's name is supposed to be Gintoki Sakata, however, the subtitles gave him a chinese sounding name "Ginta Bantien". Are there more than one companies licensed to release the anime? I am hoping to find better releases, but this is one case where the people who are doing subs online are doing a much better job. I just really love anime and manga and want to support a industry that is really hurting and needs our financial support.