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I is being a Time-traveler please
Welcome! Welcome! Please show some activity here if you ever found yourself with insurmountable amount (or just a little bit) of free time.

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I like it duke. Not that my opinion matter on load speed, but on my 20Mbit FiOS connection it loads in about 4 seconds...
Awesome! Now I feel so much better.

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it loads up pretty fast for me, but i have high speed cable i believe
anyways, if need be we'll change the animated things to static ones and throw in the animated things into an extras section

EDIT: Also, welcome our new Time Traveler Archiel!

EDIT#2: Duke, i sent you a buncha goodies via PM

EDIT#3: Welcome to our newest Alien, Sangaz!
Thank you for your hard work.

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The loading doesn't take much time but then again I'm also a cable. Other than that I like how the club is turning out. Great job Duke

And that shooting avatar was the reason I started to watch Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Funny story actually (the designs of Her eminence were certainly at bay to conduct me to Her infinite grace)... ok it's not that funny:
I saw that avatar in a member and liked it. I had saved it up in my pc and some weeks later I noticed it while dying of boredom. I could have uploaded the pic and ask what anime it was but that would give me too much trouble so I simply put ''anime school girls'' on the google image search and went for it the easiest way (or at least the one that would give me more ecchi pics XD.... no one can tell I'm part of the ecchi fanclub). Either way after about some 17 pages and around 84 *right click save image as* I found a picture of a school and beneath saying ''..and the irresponsible Goddess whom...''. I almost did not went through that link. Out of a sheer whim I clicked on the image to see the link. Was it cuz I liked the image? was it cuz of the word Goddess? or was it an accident that when the mouse passed on top of the image the guy next to me pushed me and I fell on top of the mouse? No question, it was the second one. And there it was the picture in full body of a girl the likes of which I had never seen *day dreaming*...oh and when I got out of that doujinshi link I found the image of Haruhi-sama () in the top of a page in Her magnificent ways (forcing some costume to Mikuru) and immediately forgot about whatever I had just saw before. This was something else

no regrets except perhaps that I never found that dounjinshi again.... when I remembered it again it had already been months and my Historic only goes for one month... oh well I found Haruhi-sama () and that was more than enough

Anyhow, it's good to know that the "shoot to kill" avatar meets the users' general approval.