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well, yea, I understood it was a joke, but as I said it's impolite because religion is personal...

As for the Naruto forums... well... nothing needs to be said about that... other than the fact that Kishi is not a religious figure outside of the narutard crowd, and being a narutard is not an official religion

And you are right, we should have holidays dedicated to Haruhi... As Subordinate #2 I hereby declare tomorrow (also my birthday) as Hail Haruhi Day.

Details for holiday celebrations:
  • All Haruhi-ists must watch their favorite episode from the anime series, or if they love all the episodes equally can watch episode 00. Watching more then one episode is acceptable. Doing a bindge and watching the entire series is what all true devoted members would do
  • All members of Haruhi-ism should hold a moment of silence in retrospect of the glory of Haruhi-dono
  • Please eat a piece of cake/pie and/or have some ice cream in celebration
  • If you personally know other Haruhai-ists in your locale you must celebrate with them as Haruhi-dono would have it no other way
I dont know if I can watch it again tomorrow seeing as Im watching the entire series over again today! lol. But Ill probably put my favorite episode on tomorrow or something and of course Ill participate in the moment of silence.

Thanks Asce for the wallpaper, its my current desktop (until I find an equal or better one)

Late 2008 or early 2009 is sooo long away...I need more Haruhi NOW!