Good point XD I got so excited I forgot it was just Captain level If thats the case.. ehem:

1. Yama-Ji
2. Kenpachi Zaraki
3. Byakuya
4. Shunsui
5. Ukitake
6. Shinji Hirako (*I dont think being a Vizard/Visored instantly makes you better than everyone, but his Sakanade is epic)
7. Unohana (I believe she might be higher since shes one of the oldest, but no demostration of power = this low to me)
8. Soi Fon (If she ever lands a hit with Bankai its good, but its so slow)
9. Toshiro (considering his Bankai is complete now, he will eventually might get to #4 as stated by Kyoryaku)
10. Kensei (I still have to see more of him, as of now he hasnt shown much except physical strength and it seems he lost to Wonderweiss, * see Shinji)
11. Mayuri (he has great knowledge, can recover lost limbs and can use his experiments to use (see his superhuman potion thingie) but his attacks are "meh")
12. Rose (* see Shinji, I dont think his shikai is good enough we have yet to see Bankai)
13. Komamura (I love this guy but he just kinda sucks