{Ot} Well I like roleplay because it stretches out my imagintation bla bla bla so I decided to make one since i can't find any on here join as you like because i dont want to look dumb being the only person that posts on here[ot]

Roleplay description: School, Drama, Thriller, Dont mind alittle romance

Character Description:
Name: Miia Ski
Age: 16
Description: Beautiful outgoing girl, always in trouble, tall, long hair, hazel eyes

Miia walks into a new school after she moved away from her old city leaving everything behind with her brother. She was very wealthy because of the fact that both parents died in a car accident. At first she is alittle scared. She finds her home room class and walks in for the first time Obvioulsy late. The teacher looks annoyed but tells Miia to introduce herself.

Hi miia says loud enough for everyone to here. I'm Miia Ski I moved here with my brother I hope that i'll make lots of friends. I'm very happy to be here.