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    Exclamation Vote for naruto Uzumaki!!!

    Well I don't know if this goes here, but since this forum is for everything related with naruto, here we go. I don't know if most of the latin american and brazilians fans of naruto are aware of the polls at CNLA and CNBR this weekend which puts Naruto vs DBZ. I'm Honestly hell tired of DBZ. So, I would to encourage everybody to vote for naruto for this weekend. If anyone outside from latin american want to contribute with their vote you can do it too. Just go to the following 3 links...

    For Spanish Latin America (Español)
    Click "Vota Por Mi"

    For English Latin America (Ingles)
    Click on "Vote for me"

    And for brazil (portugese)
    Click "Vote em mim"

    Please vote in the 3 sites, if you can...
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