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    I really liked this chapter, even though it was a filler. The way it told a cool story about Gildartz and his personality without using speech was really cool and I enjoyed "looking" through this chapter

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    Something quite different than "reading". Everything made sense without the need to over think the situation. Next chapter is going to be interesting considering th title it has. I'm getting goosebumps already!

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    Time for guessing games!!!

    I'm posting this because I believe the below possibilities were not outright discussed nor excruciatingly argued with in some of manga predictions for fairy tail regarding the oncoming 300th chapter and the rest.

    1. Mystery girl. Is it Lucy or Levy? It's obvious people swiftly narrowed their choices between those two, disregarding all other unjointed categories like gender, all because Jellal said something like ".. a woman?" Yes, that could be since the exposed legs were quite skinny (and I don't even understand why I came up to a conclusion that its's also soft and delicate). What if Mashima was trying to deceptively mislead us, and that mystery girl is actually a little BOY? Yep, a boy... (I instantly thought of that Eve guy from Blue Pegasus, don't be offended but he's somewhat girly to me)

    2. Potential candidates I considered as the "mystery boy". First, Zeref. The most powerful dark mage itself. Though this time, we shall be witnessing a cute, innocent (might not be), little Zeref. Why him? As we know, Zeref was found first in Tenrou island when Natsu and friends made the S-class exam. I could not help the feeling that Zeref actually sheltered himself and stayed on that island, if not for hundred years, at least he stayed there enough to suggest that the island became his "sleeping nest" (or hibernation bed if you want) for those past years. Back from atop, why a little Zeref? He said back in Tenrou that he has no plans whatsoever during that time. And that's also why he is angered when Hades woken up Acnologia (still a mystery how he unknowingly did that) Somehow, he knew Natsu very well, and since we're assuming Natsu is older than 80yrs old here, Zeref is still a mid-teen looking guy (we might know in the future if he has elixirs but let's assume for now that he has none). So I'm thinking that his growth cycle is backwards. LOL. (I know right, this is just plain silly)

    3. Tenrou Island existed long ago before the guild even existed. The island was constructed as an research facility that mainly Fairy Sphere to preserve aging and prevent mortal death. The first generation slayers, namely Natsu (and friends) might have been there from the very start. No one actually knew how Natsu was born, he just showed up as a kid nurtured and fostered by Igneel. To start with, he might not be a human after all. The possibility that Natsu (and friends) were real dragons and are born as draggies should not be left out. Reverse, The possibility that Igneel (and friends) are not actually dragons but more of cursed beings (more likely a mage) seems to be appealing as well. Remember what Zeref was mentioning before the Tenrou Island arc finished itself? That Acnologia will not waste its time talking to a vermin much like we don't really want talk to vermins as such. Therefore, Acnologia and Zeref might have some interesting connections after all. Acnologia might have been the strict-type parent, and Zeref as a son, view his father as evil and boastful.

    3. Zeref and Mavis was the history of the past. Mavis encompassing the holy light, while Zeref contrasts it otherwise. They might have been what we call the ancients. While Zeref can take out lives by just releasing a darkness aura from his body, Mavis was the sacrificial type, died the battle, but since I regarded them as complete opposites, Mavis is the upbringer of life (though it's still beyond my imagination as to what kind of life forms she may have produced with her power). Thrash out the setting, there are actually loads of places it can really happen - underground Lumen Etoile beneath the guild, another dimension, etc.

    4. Another point I like to say, the mystery girl crying while witnessing Natsu's battle. Zeref is a proud crybaby in Tenrou arc, Zeref = "mystery girl" He might be crying because he knows it just too late for Natsu to be able to destroy him, as HIS POWERS AND EVIL CORRUPTION GRADUALLY GOES BACK. Actually, I'm more inclined to say that there's a good Zeref and a bad Zeref. Actually, I had enough of Zeref.

    5. The mystery girl is Layla Heartfilia, Lucy's deceased mother. The obvious counterarguments for this is, why is she crying seeing Natsu battling the Sabertooth guys? Well, she might have been crying all the time, her said action not directly towards Natsu, but to all the members of Fairy Tail, as she knew something bad will happen as July 7 comes closer. But she's not actually a good candidate, the mystery being too little to be Layla Heartfilia.

    6. Levy is more preferable than Lucy. Again, height matters considering height comparison with Jellal. Lucy would look like she got flattened by inches or so. Think of all kids that ever existed in Fairy Tail! Romeo, it might even be Wendy, that is if they're Edolas beings. But I should suggest Mashima should really abandon the idea of Edolas, as this means any loop holes in characters and plot will just be tampered up by Edolas, and that only means viewers/readers would decrease their time guessing here and there because anyone can just say, "He's from Edolas" which is very absurd and not very appealing for future climaxes in plot making.

    If anyone strongly disagree, all's fine by me. After all, it's just predictions. I'm off!

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    ..... any who.
    gildartzs being gildartz was awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    The fairy tail 300 is out. the things get more and more weird, but something clear also in fairy tail.

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