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    Quote Originally Posted by sakundes View Post
    works wonders for sexaholics! sex fiends rejoice! lols
    Lol i was thinking more about pain receptors. Kind of like light sensitivity would effect sight.

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    Kamie Kamie fruit (paper)

    a type of logia .

    when you get hit you would collapse as paper .
    the paper can cut (yeah and hardly for the ones who have experiment like me the thing lol).
    and you can elude the attack like "a leaf blow by the wind"

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    Lava Lava no Mi


    User can turn entirely into lava. Immune to gunfire, cannon balls, metal weapons, most physical attacks.

    Attacks: Lava ball, can be thrown at enemies. Lava touch, melt through enemies/objects, with physical contact using hands. Lava flow, (only to be used on land!!!) create a fast moving flow of lava to burn down enemies, villiages, monsters, dense forest, etc. Lava shot, shooting Lava high into the air with arms, and hoping it will fall on your fleeing foes.

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    sayian-sayian no mi(goku model)
    turn into a sayian,ss,ss2

    abilites- do i even need to xplain lol flight inhuman strength ki blasts lack of common sense and the munchies lol

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    The sube sube no mi, that Alvida has, would be a fruit of my choice. Just to get rid of my acne xD

    But since it already exists in OP, it shall be....
    oh, wait, can't think of anything. They're all taken :(:(

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    A lizard Zoan

    Tokage tokage model Basilisk.

    Basilisk are bad ass lizards that can run on water.

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    Name: Unknown
    Effect: Ability to control and manipulate weather.
    Notable: Currently eaten and used by Monkey D. Dragon.
    Attack: Lightning and Wind-based attacks, as well as using water in offensive strategies.

    NOTE: Dragon might not even have eaten a devil fruit, and if he has it might not had granted weather-based abilities (like the character Storm from X-man), and there's little facts given in the story, so far, to assume that he can control the weather. Nevertheless, if I were to invent or "design" a Devil fruit, i would go with something that grants weather abilities/manipulation, and be able to do the things that the character Storm can do in the X-man universe.

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    Name:magnet magnet Fruit

    Abilities:Allows user to magnetize anything. ex. magnetize someones hand to his butt forever

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    gomu gomu fruit
    ability to become the pirate king
    The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

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    after thinking much about it; a sound fruit. technically, controlling the vibration of particles within a given area, as well as that around one's surroundings.

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