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    Jisatsu Fruit.
    It's a one time use fruit, much like Brooks. Except it has the opposite effect. Suicide. It allows the user to kill them selfs, thus making it a dud devil fruit.

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    Name: Absorb Absorb Fruit (or Sponge Sponge Fruit)
    Type: Paramecia
    Reference: absorption of various substances
    Powers: Enables the user to, obviously, absorb anything and anyone that doesn't exceed their body mass (this CAN include Logia type DF users). Absorbed objects or persons can be kept within the user as a sort of prisoner or added to their body as substance (but don't gain ANY additional DF powers asides from their current ones, else they blow up). Not to be confused with the Yami Yami no Mi, the fruit also suffers the usual Devil Fruit weaknesses.

    There we go: the answer to all the cheapass Logia types. Just give it to some really tall (or Giantism inflicted), slightly muscled woman, and it's all good to go. Now that's Payback, accursed Logias!

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    Name: Hate Hate Fruit
    Type: Paramecia
    Reference: the emotion that relates to anger
    Powers: Causes the user to experience extreme levels of hatred, either towards something/someone that they already have anger for or for absolutely no particular reason. Such anger generated by the fruit causes the user to be much stronger than normal and be extremely aggressive in combat, making them a rather formidable opponent. Other than that, the fruit is also subject to the usual weaknesses associated with Devil Fruits.

    The prime inspiration that came along when I came up with this was the Sly Cooper series' Clockwork, a mechanical Owl thousands of years old surviving on a steady diet of jealousy and hate for the Protaginist's family line all the while plotting that family line's destruction.
    . Not a very pleasant idea, but would definitely be a scary idea of an opponent who is always on the offensive for whatever reason possible not giving even a minute to rest. That, and this isn't an idea of a Devil Fruit that I would like (Besides, what kind of person, whether out of anger towards whoever or whatever for whatever reason, would consume this DF for any sort of cruel purpose?).

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    my ideal devil fruit!!!!

    name:memory memory fruit
    powers:the ability to remember every ability of every devil user you have ever faced.the more you face the more powerful u get

    and also one other that is the rarest and grows one in 500 years
    name:sea sea fruit
    powers:complete control of the sea,you commit the same energy with the sea so the devil users around you become weaker than normal and also u can swim(the only devil user that can do that)

    that fruits i believe that would be the most powerful!!!

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    Here's more...

    Name: Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Poodle
    Reference: the breed of dog, poodle
    Type: Zoan
    Powers: Obviously, as the name suggests, enables the user to transform into either a full poodle, or a poodle hybrid. The user is also prone to the weaknesses typical to all Devil Fruits.

    You think a zoan DF has to look fearsome to actually be dangerous? Take a look at Kaku's DF: it's not scary-looking, but he makes up for it with souped-up Rankyaku. ^_^

    Name: Insect Insect Fruit, Model: Rhinocerus Beetle
    Reference: the rhinocerus beetle, an insect
    Type: Zoan
    Powers: Enables the user to transform into either a rhinocerus beetle hybrid, or a full rhinocerus beetle. The user is also able to shrug off damage from pistols to certain sized cannons, acting as a sort of tank. Additionally, it enables the user to lift things 850 times their own weight. Asides from this, the user is also prone to the weaknesses associated with Devil Fruits.

    Boy do I like this one. Have you ever seen or read about a Rhinocerus beetle? They're awesome!

    Name: Ink Ink Fruit
    Reference: ink, which is used in pens and printers
    Type: Logia
    Powers: Enables the user to turn into Ink at will, even creating unlimited amounts of ink from their body. Additionally, other abilities are granted; among these include turning invisible and making markings on another person in order to grant them (or the user) some minor abilities (superhuman strength, speed, and regenerative abilities are some, to a meager degree) which only work so long as that person doesn't end up submerged in water or make contact with seastone. The user's powers, as well as those minor benefits granted to others, are neutralized by water and leaving the user vulnerable to physical blows regardless of any training they may have put their fruit's powers through. Asides from this, the fruit is also subject to weaknesses attributed to Devil Fruits.

    Well, folks. Ain't this, like, "right out of the blue" here? I'm pretty sure the last thing we need around here is more Logia DFs. Then again, nobody knows what DFs Oda will introduce later on, so it's legit.

    Not many other DF ideas are on my mind, except for some that would resemble things that could've come right out of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, among other things.

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    Smile ultimate DF


    it`s said logia is d strongest type from d all 3.
    but, logia have weakness itself. It`s disadvantage when battles a "natural enemy" like fire weak against water, water weak against wind or ice, wind weak against wood, dark weak against light, light weak against thunder, thunder weak against earth(such as rubber), sand weak against water, ice weak against fire and many others.
    What elements immune to all others?

    I end with conclusion this is ultimate element of logia type....
    Name : Cosmic-Cosmic Fruit
    Type : Logia
    Effect : The ability to absorb all elements and immunity (negates) all effects of others type of DF (natural law).
    Notable : enables the user to have cosmic body and turn into whatever form he or she wants to actively; have ability to control gravity, time being and emotions (as core of space); legends said it grows one in universe time.
    Attack : Random attack (uses all elements)
    Cosmic attack : Armageddon; All deleted; Nulify ^.^

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    The devil devil fruit
    class zoan
    when you eat it, you can become the devil

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    Clone Clone Fruit

    Paramecia Type

    Ability to duplicate yourself. The limit depends on your will power.

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    Devil Fruit: Grow Grow Fruit
    Type: Paramecia


    I am able to grow any part of my body individual or grow as big as a giant. I can also grow parts of my body that have been dismember or grow extra parts of my body. I can also grow in age, i.e. now look like a young man and using grow grow fruit age into a old man. I can grow back damage parts of my body also grow specific/different/new types of limbs from other species, for example birds, etc.

    Once I release the power of the fruit I return to my present size, age, form and etc. There's no time limit to how long I can hold the growth but I can't such that a part of body isn't within the earth atmosphere or on the earth.

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    Franky XD. Auw, Nice Harich

    Want Gifs? This is the best place for good one piece gifs.

    One mans treasure is another mans God - This is the story of my life.

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