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    Well, i can't explain in the best way but i will point out the factors which contribute to her survival.

    1) katsuya is not only present and assisting, tsunade had the energy and strength left to summon.
    2) she is still regenerating her cells rapidly?
    3) tsuchukage will not accept whatever life saving technique tsunade offers in order that she may live and that he now dies upon his redemption before gaara. (Prediction)
    4) naruto appears and life forces up those mokuton trees with his boss chakra modes. Everyone miraculously heals and has minty fresh breath.
    5) HQ uses ftg or some fallback to rescue the kages and recouperate.
    6) orochimaru does something unexpected and silly.
    7) Karin does something unexpected and silly.
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    The thing is, since the beginning of the war only fodder shinobi died ! Now I dont particularily want Tsunade to bite the dust but what I do want is to have more realistic warfare where, as Nagato himself pointed out, BOTH sides have major casualties. Having all the major characters survive would make me feel like Kishi wants us to live in dream world with happy endings and whatnot.

    My personal opinion is that Tsunade dies after using her last chakra to revive the rest of Kages, then Gai dies after using his last gate (I want to see super sayian Gai dammit !), one or maybe two rookies die as well .. and this might be stretching it a ted but too far but I think Naruto and Sasuke die as well, but get magically revived or something.
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    Tsuande is not going to die like this in any case she still has her seal and she was able to protect the whole village with that thing I'm sure she can handle 4 Kages and her self.

    Besides which Almost-die-no-jutsu is her specialty, like during the Pain attack & the Sannin fight etc. etc. Anyways shes a woman in Kishi's manga what do you expect.

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    Hallelujah, someone gets it! The only other way she can be saved is by Katsuyu but I don't know if she can really pull that off. And what's up with these badass chicks with awesome powers but they can't do shut for real ? Like Sakura, Ten Ten, Hinata etc. Do you think after the war Naruto will go into a third chapter? Kinda like Dragon Ball GT but better? I actually like the idea of a new chapter. It could take place Lee ten years after the war and Naruto is up for Hokage nomination but add usual some bullshit has to go down first and we get to see how much Jiraiya like he has become. And maybe Sasuke can finally seek redemption. I think he actually deserves it.

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    Sorry about the mistakes. This site ain't phone friendly and my Swype is acting retarded .

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    Tsunade, you will be missed.
    I see it that way:
    - Madara left the kages in a state so bad that none of them would wake up.
    - Tsunade had the head set so she doesn't die in battle. So that why she still regains consciousness.
    - the 4 other kages are doomed (otherwise Tsunade would just be glued back together by the slug, and then would cure them with her good medical practices)
    - There is only one way to still save them: use the head set power on them instead of on herself
    - this jutsu costs many of her future life years.
    - she used it a lot already.
    - all years are used up after saving the 4 kages.
    - The slug could still glue her halves together but it has no meaning anymore as all her years are used up.
    - So she's dead.
    - Naruto can be hokage
    - This is a fitting end for a shinobi as she didn't die from the crush but from her choice to save the 4 kages instead.
    - The sacrifice from Dan was useful since the 4 kages are alive now.

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    She is not gonna die from that, well atleast from how relaxed she was and told the slug not to worry about her body yet and to bring all the other hokages here so she can heal them first

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