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Thread: Pokemon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbrel View Post
    I've check it out and that is a normal (not echi) pokemon manga, and seems pretty much official, although is not the same history as the world famous anime, with some differences in the characters too:
    Not Ash but Red, not Gary but Blue; and there is also Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and seems there is a Crystal too but was not introduced as of vol 10 wich is the last one I could found scanlated.
    And the artwork is not like those echi images on this thread, those echi-pokemon images are most likely a doujin.

    Now that I think about it, I didn't find any pokemon raws, where did you got those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat-san View Post
    wow.......what kind of wacko pokemon trainer dresses like that in public?!
    pokemon trainers from Japan

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    Ok, the one I checked is Pokemon Adventures, those pictures are from Pokemon: Pikachu's Electric Tale (or something like that)

    I couldn't found the series, but here are the list of changes between the original japanese and the english version released by Viz:
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    the pokemon adventures manga is actually based on the video game not in the anime, it´s totally diferent and much more interesting (unlike the anime in which every episode happens the same things) the main characters vary according to the season (first is red green and blue, then yellow, gold crystal and silver, saphire, ruby, emerald, pearl, diamond and platinum) although every story is quite different the characters keep apearing eventually and grow up as the series develop (unlike the anime in which, after 11 years ash is still 10, duh) the argument is much more mature and the characters and enemies have very good developments. I highly recommend this series for those of you who saw the anime or played the game. it´s really great and will bring a los of nostalgic memories to all of those who were part of the pokemon mania about 9 years ago.

    currently nobody has given me the answer as to where to find the last chapters (diamond-pearl arc), I own an AWFULLY BAD copy of the manga (a pirate copy, that´s the only way to get them in my country) nevertheless that´s the only way I have been able to read it. if anyone out there know how to find hq scans of this series please contact me, de acuerdo? (=
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    Alright, I just checked 2 chapters and this "Electric Tale of Pikachu" is the story as it's told in the anime. With Ash in the lead, instead of Red (Except he's called Satoshi). The ecchi's not that overwhelming, but there's some. I can only find 2 chapters though, so I can't read on. >.>; Has anyone already found some more scanlated chapters for it?

    Click to download chapter 1.
    Click to download chapter 2.
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    I'd usually go to Mangafox for me to read, but you might aswell try and try to see if there are any downloadable chapters. It's a great story, which is exactly like in the game. The manga just has more extra's.

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