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    Madara is Nagato's dad?

    Havent made a thread in a while, you all probably were saying "and good riddance" lol. But I did find some intresting things in chapter 601.

    The last page of chapter 601 was a picture of an old madara that used Rinne tensei to revive Obito. PLZ look at these, made by another fourm member on narutobase, u guys decide what u want but they really look alike.

    If we compare pics of when both madara and nagato used rinne tensei and when they were young the resemblance is uncanning.

    We also know from obitio posing as Madara that he somehow give nagato the rinnegan.

    From this, it appears that theres a storng blood relationship between nagato and madara. And i mean more than simply related to the so6p, i talking more about nagato's mum shown did the business if u know what I mean.


    1) Its certain at this point that it was infact madara that was controlling the muzikage as we know how long madara lived for now.
    2) We have seen a uzumaki having a fixation on an uchiha male before, karin's fixation on sasuke. Make of this what u will lol.
    3) GIven the uzumaki were scattered lone uzumaki women could cop roots from the a raping monster, uchiha madara. So with a combation of madara putting victims under genjutsu roots can be achieved.
    4)And finallyvgiven that madara knew nagato long before obito it makes sense now why obitio was so surprised that he betrayed maadara given madara and nagato were the originals ones that started the plan.
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