Why does it suck you ask, you might think I'm some small Kidd trying to make a point, well no!

the fact is that the anime/manga it self does not suck i like it allot but it is the peaple watching it that are totaly retarded, there are aether fanboys getting mad about different teoyrys that might happend- well i guess it is like this with all mangas/animes that are big enough but still- Chill the fuck down and let people have an opinion and imagien what might or might not happens or who the best fighter evulest villan och next hokage might be dont get mad when you dont give a 20pages long reviue why he should or should not be or not be the villan/hero/strongest etc if you don't like it then don't start arguing and make the all who looks at that particulate post angry/irritating

Let people play around with ides