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    As much as I loved seeing CC cut loose, I absolutely hated seeing it as well.

    You just know CC will die soon now. Bach hasn't even done anything yet & CC is in an all out attack.

    Damn Bleach & it's need for Ichigo as it's savior!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Wow, he's like dos espada except more untouchable.
    Good one, wouldnt have thought of that, but makes perfect sense. One is shrouded in flames hotter than the sun, the other shrouded in a cloud of death.

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    Love the little details too like the throat getting dry, the lips starting to chap and crack, the water in the vase starting to dry up! Its like everyone realizing armageddon is coming or something, like a biblical plague where everyone is useless to its power, even people who should be able to defend against it like Kyouraku and Ukitake are getting dried up... I always loved it when Bleach got creative, in the beginning it was like this then went all standard, but this was a nice throwback.

    I have a feeling the BB is going to have some hax skill where he doesn't just reanimate his dead parts like ransotengai but can bring himself back from complete death and dismemberment just like Inoue could do to others but complete spirit particle subjugation, instead of using it on the environment he uses it on himself. Bring back arms, legs, torso's, heads etc...
    A pie in the sky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    Which makes you wonder who would win in a touching contest. If they touched, Barragan would age Yamamoto out of existence, but Yamamoto would scorch Barragan into nothing.
    Yamamoto would win. He would simply over-power the decay effect with his spirit pressure. Much like how Aizen was too strong for Sui-Feng's two-hit death attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Loved this chapter! I really like the reference to how silent his bankai is, just silently killing everything around him. Nothing flashy just everything near him dissapears into nothingness in a horrible way, by fire... Awesome.

    I wonder if his flames can burn kidou and bakudou too? Just like how Barragan can age something to the point it dissapears maybe he can even burn up energy and spirit particles???

    Either way rediculous! I can't even imagine Ichigo coming close to this kind of power, Yamamoto could of single handedly destroyed Aizen if his sword wasn't sealed (still don't know how it was possible when Quincies are having trouble lol). But I agree with everyone. Unohana needs to hurry up and get out on the field, shes the second strongest next to Yamamoto so she should be fighting and not saving those her squad should already have the power to save. hmm
    The problem is yamamoto could not release bankai in karakura if he did... he'd probably kill all living things beyond karakura with his bankai ability.... he might even destroy the world with it and everything inside it...... and what's worst at that time in karakura aizen could not die because of the hogyouku.... remember ichigo tore him up into microscopic little pieces of nothing after mugetsu hit aizen but he regenerated back....... if yamamoto could kill aizen currently he would have executed aizen as a death sentence after his defeat at the hands of ichigo and captured by urahara.... this is probably the reason why kubo made the hogyouku currently indestructible...because of bankai's like this

    Plus yamamoto is even hotter than the surface of the sun which is only about 5500 degree Celcius.... (japan uses celcius).... i believe he is as hot as the sun's core which more or less about 15 million degree celcius....... he can kill a super saiyan lols even broli for that matter...... i do believe that of the entire manga history that yamamoto has the strongest flame type ability ever

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    The only thing I could think about how BB would defeat Yama is if he could remove all the oxygen in the air so that Yama can't produce flames but that would totally piss me off. We are talking about a guy who has been around for thousands of years. His experience alone should make up for any chink in his armor. Any trick shouldn't work on him since he has tons of counter attacks in his sleeve. Sadly the only acceptable reason fora Yama loss is for BB to be just simply stronger. At the end of the day, Reiatsu is still the name of the game. If BB has bigger reiatsu than Yama then he should win.

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    I see why in 1000 years nobody could get the title of Captain-Commander. Wonder if he could beat Dangai Ichigo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiges View Post
    I see why in 1000 years nobody could get the title of Captain-Commander. Wonder if he could beat Dangai Ichigo.
    Wasn't it because Squad Zero recruited every Shinigami with a potential to be one ? In reality, there was never a need to create the Gotei 13 and the like, from what I understood. It was Yamamoto that created it on his own whim, he simply made them more organized. To simply put, the Captain Commander position isn't something approved by the Soul King, but something he doesn't care about, it's a position created by Yamamoto for himself, so it's no surprising that there is no one who had to take it over, seeing as it is actually not so important to the bigger picture.

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    - Hehe I knew Yamamo had a flame armor in their somewhere

    - He should kill that henchmen lurking behind him though

    - Anytime a character goes all out like this it doesnt end well. The villain hasn't even opened his powers up yet.

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    Prick List: Gaara, Bee Genesis 1.0's Avatar
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    Old Man Yama Ji is awesome. With that, he could have smoked Aizen.

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