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    K thanks

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    well i just read the OP poster and just skimmed threw the other posts, so sorry if this was mentioned

    i dont think it was for a good reason, why do i think that?

    it because in the first place why did konoha treat the uchiha in a bad way, why did they discriminate them, its true that both of them hated each other but they reached an agreement to be one village, no difference between each ..

    so the uchiha started getting pissed off and got mad it, now if u were in their place wouldn't u do the same, its called fighting for your rights and everyone has the right to do it

    also some other people mentioned why did itachi kill off the families and babies well.. simple answer that has been mentioned in the manga itself by sasuke, they would wanna take out revenge on konoha and that is what is happening

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