Hi all im new here so take it easy on me, i tend to go off on random tangents :p, but id like to share some things on my mind so first and foresmost the chapter was insanely awesome, making some serious headway XD.

1. A theory about what S.A.D is: an advanced drug of the energy steroids, i mean it fits with CC's persona.

Now when vergo appeared he said he came on a sad tanker and a tanker is a ship for transportation of bulk liquids or gases, what i think is CC has been previously selling mass steroids which had terrible side effects (like aging) and S.A.D is the complete version in liquid or gas form. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_p...60/c672/3.html

2. Monet would be a nice addition to the crew. (dont get me wrong i would also love jimbei to join :D)

I think monet is needed as a crew member because so far she is a astronomer as she is seen reading an astronomy book when ever seen, she also seems to have a past which luffy might be able to help her overcome, Donflamingo controlling her. If you have heard of the moon theory than you know why a astronomer is a good addition plus she is a female :p. if you dont know the moon theory check the link http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Moon also i believe she has a devil fruit rather than law swapping her parts for that of a harpy or bird, and that devil fruit would be a mythical zoan type which is why DonF has high regard for her to send her to keep watch on CC, also when CC was talking to the captured luffy, law, smoker and rest he said its a good thing monet was considerate enough to [B]transorm[B] and keep watch over law which leads me to believe in a mythical zoan fruit.

3. Big Mam is the yonkou law and luffy are scheming to defeat.

I think this for a few reasons that make her the ideal yonkou. When law told luffy who the yonkou was he didnt act surprised so we can rule out a new yonkou that would have taken over Whitebeard, assuming there is one. Now all thats left is shanks, big mam and kaidou, know we can assume law knows that drake is possibly involved with kaidou and and if it was kaidou he would be wiser to make an alliance with drake rather than with luffy. That leaves us with shanks and big mam, Imo shanks is highly unlikely for many reasons too obvious to state right now :p, which leaves us with big mam. We know that big mam is a broker because of pekoms and tamago watching the broadcast by CC, which means she is interested in what CC does, which i believe is sell drugs and weapons hence brokers. Lets say she used to buy energy steroids from CC. know law needs there to be confusion in the new world which would give him a chance to take her out, anyone see where im going with this?? Say the S.A.D is a advanced drug and he has already been supplying it to the new world brokers. CC and Vergo freaked out because if Law where to do something to the supply, many of the brokers would lose their minds and chaos would ensue in the new world, because we know that joker is behind vergo and big mam is also a broker, plus theres another group of brokers we dont even know who yet.

remember these are just my thoughts and speculations :p apologies for the long post