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    Quote Originally Posted by Starone View Post
    This goes back to the sentiment that I was complaining about in the previous dicsussion thread: That losing someone precious to him is somehow not a good enough motivation for him to lose faith in the world like this, I still don't see the logic here. And it's not really that simple anyway. Like others have said, it's also the fact that the hero he entrusted his "dying" wish to let him down and the fact that he was pretty much a failure his entire life, causing him to lose faith in the world even more. Saying it's just Rin is an oversimplification.

    But I'm still enjoying the story overall, and that's really all I can ask for from Kishimoto. I'm sorry if some of you were disappointed that Tobi didn't end up being who you wanted, but it's not an incontrovertible fact that Kishimoto failed here, it's just your opinion.

    IM happy and accepting of mist elements and developments regarding the handling of obito's transformation.

    What is truly disappointing and just about anybody here can agree, is that this character treatment JUST HAD to be done TO THE ONLY PURELY DECENT AND INNOCENT UCHIHA! Shisui wasn't much of a fixture in the manga but kakashi gaiden and also 599-600 flashbacks gave us something rare and nearly impossible to find, a good uchiha that gives the impression there was hope for a clan clouded by inner conflict, blood spilling, and power grabbing all for the sake of Ms/ems (itachi's history lesson).

    Idk, i used to hate tobitio theory then sided with it the more clues i saw. It works out ok for me but it could have also worked out better if it was someone who could at least be spared the taint of corruption in the style this manga uses. It was a total boon for the uchiha, to have a young hero like naruto, oblivious to evil past. Kishi is not in such shirt supply of cleverness that he couldn't have used someone else but oh well, the uchiha Myst lack as much depth and variety as possible in order to achieve the most from such broad and simple strokes of coloring them as "villains".

    While obito can be justified transforming into tobi for several solid reasons it doesn't change the fact that it erodes the dimension and worth of the uchiha clan as central story element. If obito were untouched and left with that particular good memory intact and tobi were someone else then the uchiha and the manga would retain a more valuable angle and not need to weaken its validity. Its not about the obvious hints, whether you see the reason incorrectly as simply rin or understand that it was a larger world. Those reasons work and would be great for anybody, just not for a character that was a rare exception and gave the manga a simple and pure example of a good force. The manga has lost, not gained from this treatment of obito.

    Paulbee expressed the sentiment beautifully already, i completely agree with it.
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    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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