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    Time for a brag:

    I was right! Kishi is more pictographic and cleverly communicative visually. The last sequence in kakashi gaiden contextually SEEMS like kakashi's voice in the darkness, waking up from his first fight using sharingan BUT they were obito's words in the darkness and kishi's drawn panels all followed a technical logic for discerning it correctly, he just allowed people to only be aware of the context in the story to assume it was kakashi.

    So, IM taking extra credit and Brownie points.

    Who says kabuto's trump card failed? It still has MUCH room to play! Madara is not revived the way he needs, that in itself us significant and the fact kabuto had no intention of releasing edo tensei anytime soon means things might still be according to his plan, whatever it is.

    Obito is already showing signs of displeasure at madara's existence.

    Kishi's drawing logic and situational mirror-

    I also said madara or izuna was obito's father or grandfather. Its extremely likely now since obito's flashback is a situational mirror to kakashi's own steps between this world and the next. The pieces must match because obito's flashback in the chapter referenced his words linking him conceptually to kakashi. The pieces must match so the old uchiha in obito's flashback will without a doubt be immediate blood relation. That special realm seems to link family or relationally important people. BTW, IM talking about when kakashi met his dad.

    But the big question this chapter asks is huge yet totally understated...

    I want everyone to think about it and see what everyone comes up with because there is so little to go by in the way of clues and signs, anyway..

    Madara says,"did you start midway? It's you, you must have some plan... what happened to nagato... my revival... ill get the 8 and 9 tails.. WE ARE STILL IN/ON TIME (HAVE TIME)."

    I paraphrased but WHAT IS THE TIMING THEY ARE DEPENDENT UPON? there is definitely something that will occur and as that event begins madara, as well as obito, know they have to have all their ducks in a row or risk everything being for nothing or a huge setback. WTF is their timing following, especially to force obito's rush job?

    Special state of the moon? Will the moon be close enough to get the rest of the 10 tails stuff but not again for years?

    The only other clues are the obsession with destiny and preordained conflicts between the lineage of the two sons.
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    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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