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Dang...That simple heh? Rotten Translation. I of course tend to read everything literally. If she heals Them, might she not die?

Back to Madara,

1) Did he try to use Rinne Tensei, If so on/for whom?

2) Is the place he was, with young Obito a Hide out? I mean if they were in between life and death, why are there Bandages on Obito?
She could die, or she could live: there is a 50% chance. Katsuyu said she could stick her pieces together, so i guess she could do this later on too, unless Tsunade dies from chakra usage. Madara can kick butts! All this time he was only playing with them...Hashirama had to be something else..rly.

1) The symptoms could be due to old age, or having used Rinne Tensei without knowing the actual risks behind the technique. If he used Rinne Tensei, then i guess he wanted to revive Izuna to see him at least once, but his brother died too long ago to be resurrected, or maybe he managed to bring him back for some instants and talk to him about what happened of his sacrifice. Izuna could have been shaken, depressed by the news from his brother and that made Madara feel even more guilty, so he decided to create a moon eye plan. Who know? Maybe Izuna told his brother that he had a descendant nobody knew about, and he asked Madara to take care of him. Madara then traced the uchiha clan tree to see who would this boy be, and it turned out to be Obito. So he saved him to respect his brother's wish, before he died again.

2)Lol, i think the place, is an earthly location. A hideout, yeah. "Being between life and death" refers to Obito's severe conditions here. That's my guess.