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    Claymore Vinland Saga ~ Makoto Yukimura

    I'm sure many of you have not heard of this manga, which is why I'm here to present unto you; Vinland Saga. Now you might be wondering "What's Vinland Saga about?" Well to be brief, it's about vikings. That's right... mother fucking vikings. If your interest hasn't already been piqued then here's some more info.

    Vinland Saga follows the adventures of Thorfinn, a courageous young man armed with two twin blades he inherited from his deceased father. He's traveling with Askeladd, who is the leader of a ruthless group of mercenaries who takes jobs from whoever they think can offer them a reasonable reward. Apparently this Askeladd is the man who killed Thorfinn's father, Thors, and the only reason Thorfinn is traveling with Askeladd is so he can defeat him in a duel and win back his fathers pride. Thorfinn only wants to win his fathers pride with a fair duel. Askeladd only agrees to these duels when Thorfinn completes a certain task(like bringing him the head of the opposing armies general on the battlefield). From there the manga takes you through brutal, 11th century viking clashed battles with Thorfinn as your tour guide.

    So far the manga is only 4 volumes thick, with only 3 of those volumes being scanlated so far, and about 1 chapter of volume 3 not yet scanlated. Seriously, give this manga a try. The artwork is fabulous as well is the storyline(how can you not like vikings?). Also Thorfinn is one of the coolest manga characters you will ever meet(bias alert). There is a bit of gore and violence, but it's clean, not like blood and guts splattering all over the place. Overall this manga is very original, something uncommon nowadays. I listed all the available downloads below, don't pass it up.

    ----------------------------------------SAMPLE PAGES----------------------------------------

    Latest Downloads
    Volume 03 Chapter 021
    Volume 03 Omake
    Volume 01 (Chapters 001-004)
    Volume 02 (Chapters 005-016)
    Volume 03 (Chapters 017-020)
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