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    Actualy there were vikings in Sweden aswell.

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    . - Alright there were also swedish vikings from Skåne and Gotland. Though they all most likely turned into goths after the 11th century.

    Well sorry, didn't remember that just yet. I'm not an encyclopedia xd.
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    im going to read this right after i graduate (which is like a week away)

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    Chapters 42 to 45 are out, translated by translatorfag and edited by the anonymous people on 4chan.

    Read them online or download them!

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    Hell yeah !! First Blade of the Immortal, and now Vinland Saga..what a great week.

    Aku Soku Zan

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    a Vary good senin Manga !
    how would though that we would get a manga about Vikings that's fresh!

    i am currently reading chapter 5

    i love how each character has their talent's and weaknesses
    i also like the honor of worriers and the cruel but so true harsh philosophy
    presented in the show and Absolutely Adore the fights scans and that if you are not frighten of that (and most Viking worriers weren't vide Berserks) you can do Inhuman things on the battlefield

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    Vinland Saga

    Vinland Saga.

    Historical setting, vikings, blood, battles (think golden age arc from Berserk) and decent story.

    Worth a look.

    Check it out.

    EDIT: Should have searched more thoroughly, I see there is a thread on this manga already about three pages in. Apologies for this.

    Anyway, just to reinforce the point that it's a great manga.
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    ^ Merged with the other thread about Vinland Saga.

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    I really like the twists and gritty realism in this manga, as well as the characters. They are addictive, like Askeladd.

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    This is really a nice manga, i've read chapter 1-51 in a row and cant wait till the next releases. There are so many things that are unknown like the real plot and the plans of Askeladd.

    You've got to read it

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