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    Was looking for a nice manga to read now when i have catched up on the big ones , Berserk,Vagabond,Boti, Gantz and i tough i wouldn't be able to enjoy other manga's as much.

    But now after reading the first volume of this im really happy. The art is great, when the guys in the beginning took an arrow shower it resembled me of a Berserk scene or something. Not only that... VIKINGS!, gosh i like vikings (maybe cuz im a swede? )... cant say so much about the story becouse i only read the first volume wich is more like an introduce. However, i got a good feeling about this manga for now.

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    Gota admit, im getting so impatient I seriously need another translated volume or something. Does anyone translate these anymore?

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    Seems like not, we'll have to wait.

    On the other hand, I think the raws are not very hard to understand (without understanding the text, I mean).

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    Vinland Saga Manga - Read Vinland Saga manga scans online | One Manga

    you can read a few more translated eps here.


    On the website on my previous post VS is up to chapter 36.
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    By the way, there's now an scanlation group (Anonymous Spore) who is taken care of this series, so new chapters are being released faster now. The 39th has been released recently.

    Besides, Vinland Saga has now been added to the reader, so I hope more people go and read it and leave opinions over here

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    i just caught up with vinland saga finally and it's really good. i'm so glad i took my friends and the advice of others on the hub and took a look at it.


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    Claymore Vinland Saga

    I read this one in a week and the last 20 chapters in 2 hours, personally i think its brilliant but sadly i cant find any new chapters or anyone else who reads it. So if theres anyone out there who has read Vinland Saga and knows where to find the recent chapters please reply.

    It is set in Northern Europe at the start of the 11th century. The art is highly detailed and reminds me of Berserk. If there are any Berserk Fans out there I would highly recomend it.

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    Hey, kalakawa, I'll merge this with its own thread in the seinen forum. Note that Vinland Saga is not a shonen !

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    My bad, im just glad to find ppl who read Vinland Saga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exylex View Post
    gosh i like vikings (maybe cuz im a swede? )

    Since when have swedes ever been vikings? :< norwegian/danes = vikings, swedes = goths. not even knowing that about your own country is... shameful.

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