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    good theory, and the part about the yin chaklra being sealed away, maybe thats the reason madara needs all the other bijuu, maybe he can substitue their yin chakra for the kyuubi's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ?????? View Post
    maybe thats the reason madara needs all the other bijuu, maybe he can substitue their yin chakra for the kyuubi's.
    After reading this theory I think the same.

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    I agree with ???????. This seems very likely to happen.

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    @LC941: Yes you mixed it up in sentence 2.
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    Intresting theory thxs for posting

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Very good..I agree...
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    I doubt that my theory is completely correct, but I hope some of it is.

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    Bumped it up to see what newer members think about the theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LC9411 View Post
    After watching the Shippuden Ep. 55 and hearing the talk about yin and yang chakra, I got to thinking about how the two types relate to the kyuubi, the Sharingan, and Naruto's "that jutsu". I decided to start from the facts that we know first.

    1) The kyuubi called the Uchiha clan (and the chakra of their Sharingan) cursed, even more sinister than his own chakra.

    2) Minato separated the yin and yang chakra of the kyuubi upon the sealing into Naruto. The yin he left with his son, the yang was sealed away.

    3) Madara and his bro were the first Uchiha's to unlock the MS. Thus it is reasonable to assume that before this event there was no relation between the Uchiha clan and the natural catastrophe known as the kyuubi.

    My theory about yin and yang chakra is similar to that of the philosophy from which they spring. They are opposing, yet complementary "natures" of chakra which every shinobi possesses. Certain jutsu can be performed using them together with different amounts of each.

    To a lesser extent, the yin and yang chakra also represent the good and evil that can be found within each shinobi as well. For the most part they tend to remain in a state of balance within the average person.

    In relation to Madara:
    The manga implied that Madara and his brother (or perhaps just Madara himself) killed or spilled blood to attain the MS. The breaking of bonds represented by that act changed one or both of them on a spiritual level. The yin and yang that was normally balanced within each individual shifted dramatically. They gained power and techniques but at the risk of their spiritual/physical health as a result of the imbalance. Thus, Madara began to go blind.

    Yet it wasn't so with his brother. Somehow his brother had managed to maintain the balance within himself and within his eyes, so the transference of eyes from one to the other restored the balance within Madara to a degree. The reason I say that the regular MS is based off of "evil" chakra is because of what we've seen from it so far.

    1) A ninjutsu from hell that burns for 7 days
    2) A genjutsu that tortures one for 72 hours
    3) A spirit of unknown origins. Who knows what Susano'o represents, or it's effect on the user?

    For the most part these techniques have been dark natured, leading me to believe that they came about as a result of the imbalance created by the killing of one's best friend.

    In relation to kyuubi:
    A natural occurence said to occur whenever human malice has been allowed to foster. Or you could say where the evil side of people's spirits reigned. I believe that the kyuubi was a creature with a largely imbalanced chakra as well, largely leaning towards the yin. It was attracted to evil because it itself was evil. That is why I believe that Madara was able to master and control it. As evil as kyuubi was, Madara was even more evil. Thus his yang chakra overcame the fox's and he learned how to control it. Remember, that all possess both even if one is largely overshadowing the other.

    What does this mean for Naruto? This means that Madara can't touch him. If the light side of the chakra has been sealed inside of him and the dark side is beyond Madara's reach then Madara effectively has his hands tied regarding the kyuubi. Minato knew this, and Madara knows this as well. Thus, the reason for Sasuke.

    I think he needs Sasuke because of the potential that lies within his eyes. If Madara truly is a shell of his former self like Itachi implied then his eyes have weakened, possibly past the point of being able to control the fox. But Sasuke's haven't. His yang chakra was powerful enough to suppress the kyuubi within Naruto to some degree, without the MS to aid him. So I think that Madara will end up using Sasuke to go after Naruto. With someone who can suppress the kyuubi's yang chakra while still strong enough to hang with a normal Naruto, Naruto will have no choice but to draw on the yin chakra of the fox wherever it may be.

    Thus, we come to Naruto's mystery jutsu. The most likely purpose for it is to fuse the two chakra within himself to grant it all of its power. His own chakra would theoretically suppress the evil inherent in fox, preventing is from affecting him adversely. If Madara can get Naruto to do this, then the kyuubi is within his grasp again through Sasuke. The AK was formed so that Madara would have a way of sealing the kyuubi for use without having to use his eyes since they'd grown weaker. If the fully formed kyuubi is sealed within the statue, Madara will not only have control over the fox but over all the bijuu in the world as well. Diabolical, is it not?

    *I'm pretty sure I mixed up yin and yang in there more than once, so I'll just correct myself here and allow you to substitute accordingly.

    Yin-dark natured
    Yang-light natured

    If I'm wrong, please correct me.
    2) Minato separated the yin and yang chakra of the kyuubi upon the sealing into Naruto. The yin he left with his son, the yang was sealed away.
    The 4th sealed the yang into Naruto, not the yin. (Naruto 370 pg 13)

    Yin-dark natured
    Yang-light natured

    you have these switched around also.

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    Well as promised, I shall deliver more of the yummy, chewy goodness! Here it is folks, more theories to add to "The Master Plan", aka "Every Freakin' Theory Rolled Into One!" Enjoy!

    You've asked for it. You've waited in suspense, on the edge of your very chairs. But now, the wait is over my friends. I was reading much of Part 2 over again (from just after the Gaara arc to the beginning of the Hachibi battle) and ideas just started popping up into my head. So many in fact, I couldn't sleep till I typed this up. It's going to be a massive post, living up to the name "Every Freakin Theory Rolled Into One", but stick through it and it will be worth it.

    I may have to split it into two posts (or more) to prevent reader's eyes from bleeding, but that can wait till I'm farther into the theory. And now, the feature presentation...

    Yin-Yang role

    Remember in my post in April how I said the whole yin-yang thing was based on good and evil? Well, like Denzel said "Unlearn all that bull****" Throw it out. I'll go with a more simple, sensible approach. But like always, we'll state what we know.

    1) Chakra is formed from combining spiritual ability with stamina

    2) Spiritual ability is nourished/strengthened through long hours of meditation (seen in the random panels where we see Naruto meditating with a book on his head, or the lessons the genin learned in Naruto's flashback with the leaves on their heads to increase concentration).

    My somewhat new theory is that yin and yang are spiritual aspects that every shinobi has. Most shinobi ninjutsu use these two in balance with each other, except for very special fields. You guessed it. Genjutsu, medical jutsu, and clan techniques are the exceptions to the rule.

    These exceptions operate by using yin and yang in different proportions to each other. Knowing the seals is not enough to learn or copy these techniques, even possibly with the Sharingan. One must train their spiritual aspect to deviate from it's balanced state in order to use these techniques. This is possibly why very good chakra control is needed for some of these.

    *Mini-theory (you'll be seeing quite a few of these)-This is possibly why Lee is unable to use Nin- or Genjutsu. He can combine his spiritual and physical sides to create chakra, but a spiritual deficiency or inability prevents him from molding it, which is needed for nin- and genjutsu. But, he is free to direct it through his body which is why he can use the gates and walk on water. No molding necessary, just re-direction.

    Now, what happens when this balance is disrupted drastically, and not just temporarily for a jutsu? Bad things, my friend. Bad things.

    Naruto and Madara/Itachi are prime examples of this within my theory. Part of this stems from my previous theory behind why Madara and Itachi, and now Sasuke went blind (you might need to read the first few posts in this theory if you haven't already).

    Now, we know that
    1) the kyuubi's yin chakra is sealed within Naruto (or yang, I forget which and get them mixed up frequently).

    2) This separation was done on purpose by Yondaime, who did nothing without a reason.

    So my theory is that normally, Naruto is in balance spiritually. The seal allowed the kyuubi chakra to leak through and mix with his own chakra from a very young age. While the seal was still strong, this constant mixing strengthened Naruto's chakra, making more resilient and able to resist/restrain the kyuubi chakra. Much like how I believe the CS allowed Sasuke to overcome and restrain Oro, but that's for another day.

    But when the kyuubi chakra is let out in a huge quantity, Naruto's balance shifts dramatically, toward whatever it was Yondaime sealed in him (don't feel like looking it up right now).

    Humans aren't meant to have their chakra shift so far to one side. Thus, Naruto loses control gradually as the balance shifts more. Also, his body is harmed as the quantity of the chakra increases.

    Didn't you ever wonder why Killerbee could go up to an eight-tail shroud without any visibly negative effects? It's because both his and the Hachibi's chakra were balanced. Thus, no ill effects until his skin started peeling, and that was just because of the transformation.

    So why did Yondaime separate the kyuubi's chakra? There are a few possibilities for this.

    1) He didn't want a whole kyuubi in Naruto while Madara was still walking around out there. A split kyuubi could possibly put a hitch in Madara's plans and keep the village safe at the same time with Naruto as its protector.

    2) Simple expediency. Sealing the entire kyuubi in Naruto was an impossibility so Minato split in in half to make sealing it easier.

    3) Something had to go in the Shinigami's stomach. While Minato would've liked to seal the whole fox into Naruto it just wasn't possible. So he split the kyuubi, half to satisfy the Shinigami and half to pass on the Konoha's future protector, Naruto.


    Nagato's story

    Why is Pein the way he is? Well, I went back to Chapter 373 I believe, "The Student-Teacher Era" in my re-reading of Part 2. And I came across some hints I believe point to what could've happened to turn Nagato into Pein.

    These are the pages most relevant to the discussion, in approximately the order I'll be addressing them. Additional info can be found in more of the Jiraiya v. Pein fight, especially in Pein's villain monologue.

    We know that after Jiraiya left the three, they went around making a name for themselves. Presumably they fought for peace in the Rain Village and like Jiraiya said anyone who fought them ended up dead. They were uber. But someone more uber than them came along, and offed Yahiko.

    Nagato, upon seeing this, probably went ape**** like he did when he was a kid. He went after the person and, in all sense of the word, delivered judgment. But in the end it was too late for his friend whom he'd sworn to protect. He finally felt the pain that Yahiko was talking about. But he also realized that while going after Yahiko's killer that he felt no guilt at killing him. No remorse, no hesitation. Just...judgment. He delivered unto the person the pain he felt when Yahiko died, and thus evened the scales. This was the turning point.

    From that point on Nagato killed all emotion in his heart. It became a Heart of Blades, killing all human feelings he had. The pain of killing those emotions is what allowed him to ascend past the mere level of humanity (reading his conversation with Jiraiya closely makes this theory make a lot more sense, trust me) to become, in his own eyes, a god.

    He kept Yahiko's body (which is dead) as one of his entourage to remind him of this daily. It became the Deva Body because much of what Nagato believes in was from Yahiko's philosophy. And the abilities he gave the Deva body were specifically picked so the body remained untouched.

    Why else was Pein so set on not being touched while in the Deva body? It's abilities could've aided greatly in the fight against Jiraiya except it probably would've gotten mangled. He could've let Kakashi land that last Raikiri after the chains snapped then allowed the Asura Body to come in behind Kakashi and finish him. With how fast it came in neither Chouji or Chouza could've caught it in time to stop it from finishing off Kakashi. But Pein didn't go with this plan, and as a result the fight went on longer than it had to.

    Like many have suggested, Nagato, wherever he is, has a certain fondness for the Deva Body which is why he makes sure that nothing touches it at all.

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