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    in your hearts
    orchi floats his boat i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    It was meant for kabuto to have ORO inside of him.. think about it: all those time, kabuto HELPED ORO in everything: helping him for his medical needs, etc..

    Maybe Kabuto was from day the best vessel he could have. We still don't know why kabuto liked / loved / or why he followed ORO in what he was doing ??!?

    That's what I want to know, why did he followed him?

    [ kabuto isn't dumb, he's a very smart ninja indeed and he knows that ORO manipulated EVERYONE to achieve his goal.. so did kabuto think that HE WASN'T BEING manipulated by ORO, is it that Kabuto didn't have anybody else and oro was everything he had or did kabuto also believed in that: there's nog meaning in life, so you must do something to feel alive ?!? ]
    It's in the databook.... Kabuto followed Orochimaru because they had the same goal of obtaining "overwhelming power" primarily through dark means.

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    i still think one of the three snakes in sasuke itachis' fight survived... i have a theory, if ever that really happens, i think we will see orochimaru in his childhood look or form with no nowledge of what happen to him, but his jutsus is still intact.. just like being reborn.. well thats the meaning of the white snakes right[rebirth]... just like cell and picollo on dragon ball saga... well its just a theory, please don't hate me... hahaha.. thanks..

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    @ Kurio..

    didn't know that. Thnk you..
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    can someone pls post the manga page where 3 snakes got away...cause i only saw one

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    didnt kabuto state clearly that orochimarus body is implanted in his own? obvious when oros cells has taken over kabuto he will be orochimaru again......just sasukes seal unleashed brought him forth and if that was all that needed then hell yeah he is in kabuto

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    I think it would be funny if Kabuchimaru would have a split personality like Zetsu.
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    consdering that orichimaru was doing human experiments, it wouldn't be surprising that he have certain dna within kabuto that will clash with kabuto. Just a theroy but who knows.

    if he does come back, it will be very disaponting 2 c. He has passed on within sasuke. The fact of him returning will make the story line bad.
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    In an filler episode of Naruto when Team Seven was still together (or I think it's a filler) Sasuke and Naruto had to fight off this guy who stole Sakura, saying he had to do it to 'please his lord'. Sasuke defeats this man and then the man suddenly dies out of the blue. At the end it shows a little white snake crawling back to Orochimaru and it goes into his ear. Orochimaru then wakes up, telling Kabuto that Sasuke passed his test. Remembering this, I think this will happen:

    One of the snakes from the Sasuke vs. Itachi battle lived. The snake is Orochimaru and Kabuto plans to get Sasuke back so he can put the snake in Sasuke and let Orochimaru take over his body as planned. Remember, Kabuto approached Madara wanting Sasuke. Why else would he want Sasuke besides using him as Orochimaru's vessel?

    Just my outlook on it [:

    (Although I do find the fault in my outlook that the snake from that filler episode could just be an 'information receiver' and not Orochimaru himself. But, eh. I'm sticking with it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevensr123 View Post
    I like orochimaru, but he isn’t my favourite

    I want him to be alive because his death was pathetic and too quick.

    I want him to die like jiraiya, an epic battle were he shows all of his strongest jutsu.
    he's dead, lets move on

    next is tsunade

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