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    One Piece One Piece 498 Spoilers

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    One Piece One Piece 498 Spoiler Discussion

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    Posted by Battle Franky at Arlong Park:

    From Brankie :


    Simple Spoiler


    Luffy's group arrives at the coating shop


    They are greeted by a woman


    A conversation ensues


    There are currently 9 rookies with bounties exceeding 100 Million Belli on the islands, with the exception of Luffy & Zoro


    But there's also one guy worth even more than Luffy


    The coating master of Shanbody is said to be 100 times stronger than Luffy, and also a former Pirate

    that's it

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    thanks to Ikki-Kun on AP

    Chapter 498: "The 11 Supernovas"

    Luffys group arrives at Grove 13 at "Battakuri Bar". [TN:Battakuri means rip-off]

    Hachi:"Reilly, Shacky, are you here"

    As they enter the female Barkeeper makes a customer pay. Her name is Shakuyak (called Shacky). She has a very nice and open character.

    Brook searches for cooked beans in the refrigerator and smiles, when he finds them.

    The coating worker Reilly has been away for already a half year. He still wants a higher bounty.

    Including Luffy there are currently 11 pirates on the Shabondy archipelago, who's bountys are higher than 100.000.000 Berry.

    Luffy: 300.000.000 Berry
    Zoro:120.000.000 Berry
    Capone Gang Bege: 138.000.000 Berry
    Jewelry Bonney: 140.000.000 Berry
    Bagil Hawkins: 249.000.000 Berry
    Eustrace Captain Kid: 315.000.000 Berry
    Scratchman Apoo: 198.000.000 Berry
    Redflag X. Drake: 222.000.000 Berry
    Urouge: 180.000.000 Berry
    Massacre Soldier Killer: 162.000.000 Berry
    Trafalgar Law: 200.000.000 Berry

    According to Shakuyak this high bountys are pretty normal for the archipelago. It seems to be the truth, that Reilly is 100 times stronger than Luffy.


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    Thanks to kaze 1028 on MH. He also says no one piece till the 8/9 of May.
    posted by 四代目暇人 ◆yi/kgpWhnI@2ch

    Translation of a really long jap text. You don't mind me not posting it, do you?
    By Blendy at Arlong Park Forums:

    One Piece Chapter 498 - The Eleven Supernovas
    Cover picture: Jabra's Wild Animal Show. Why is Blueno stirring things up?!

    In contrast to the wandering around last week, Luffy and company are now fighting against wanted men.
    Luffy: Bazooka!!!
    Bounty: Hogeeee----!!!

    Kaymie: You did it! Luffy-chin, you're so strong!!
    Hachi: Nyuuu~~~!!
    Luffy: All right!! Like I'd lose to you guys!!

    Brook: My, what's going on now? Suddenly, there's bounty hunters everywhere.
    Luffy: All right! I defeated that one too.
    Chopper: That's the third one already!!? What a surprise attack!!
    Hachi: You guys are really something...

    Brook: Ah, that food sampling shop...I mean, that fine souvenir shop is all ready out of sight...
    Chopper: There's shops and stuff, but there's not as many's really suspicious. I can't believe there's a coating craftsman in a place like this!!!
    Hachi: Nyu, the archipelago's pretty vast, so there's places where people can do shady things. The marines don't go to the interior.
    Right now, we're at Grove 16. Groves 1-29 are, for the most part, a "lawless zone".
    Chopper: Eeeh~!?

    Hachi shows them a drawing.

    Hachi: Look here, this shows how the groves are classified, by the tens. It might not resolve anything, but...there are many places like that.

    Groves in the 60's are Navy headquarters; the 40's, 30's, and 50's make up the tourist amusement park and shipyards; 70's is a hotel town.
    Everything else in the drawing is a "lawless zone".

    Chopper: Why didn't you say anything earlier!? Zoro or Sanji should have come, instead of me.....
    Hachi: Nyu, it's all right. Grove 13, our destination, is next up!!
    Kaymie: Chopper-chin and Skeleton-chin were really strong and cool, too!
    Chopper: T-That doesn't make me happy at all, you jerk! (ha ha)
    Brook: I'm so embarassed that my ears are getting red...even though I don't have ears!!

    Wanted Man: Gah....!! Damn.....what ridiculous strength.....!! T-Three hundred million belli really is too much for me.
    .....!! Even though it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance, with all these big shots gathered here...!!! One person...

    Shabondy Archipelago Grove 13

    Hachi: Well, here we are~~!!
    Luffy: We're finally here~~!!
    Hachi: It's the shop just above here. It's been 10 years since I was last here.
    Luffy: Is the coating craftsman a fishman, too? Oh well, we'll know when we see him!
    Kaymie: Ah, Pappag and I have never met him. But we've heard he's a really great person.
    Luffy: Ah, is that so?

    In front of "Shakky's Big Rip-Off Bar"

    Hachi: Nyuuu, he's someone I used to know as a kid.
    Pappag: This place gives off a total "rip-off" vibe... Hachi... (sweats) It looks atrocious.......
    Hachi: It's okay. They're good humans. I wonder if Rayleigh and Shakky are here.

    Inside the bar, a lady serves customers shabbily.

    Lady: Welcome, what can I do for you? .....My, my...

    Bar Owner Former Pirate Shakuyaku (Shakky)
    [ED: "Shakuyaku" is a Chinese Peony (a flower).]

    Shakuyaku: Hacchan~~~~!!?
    Hachi: Nyuuu, sorry it's been so long, Shakky.
    Shakuyaku: That's right, it's already been about 10 years! Sit down and wait a minute. I charge outrageous prices to the kids at this place.
    Hachi: Nyuuu, take your time.
    Chopper: .........

    Shakuyaku: That's right...I quit being a pirate, and that's just fine with me. An honest living is best! You're Kaymie-chan? It's rare to see a mermaid out of the water. Are you Hacchan's lover?
    Kaymie: Eeeeeeeeh!!! N...N-No, I...I'm not Hacchin's w-w-w...wife.
    Pappag: You're way too exited about it.
    Hachi: At my takoyaki shop, we--
    Shakuyaku: Oh, I see. Ah...that's right, I have some food you might--
    Brook: Ah, Shakky-san, these beans...are quite delicious...
    Pappag: I'll take a fish from the fridge---!! Is this your place?
    Shakuyaku: Ahahaha.....Please, whatever you like!
    Chopper: Luffy, Brook!! You guys are gonna get ripped off-----!!
    Shakuyaku: You're friends of Hacchan, so I won't charge you. Here...for you.
    Chopper: Cotton candy~~~!!!

    Luffy: Lady, how'd you know Chopper's favorite?
    Shakuyaku: You guys are part of the Monkey-chan crew, right?
    Luffy: You know who I am!?
    Shakuyaku: Of course. I'm a very well-informed person.
    Kaymie: Luffy-chin's a famous person, huh...
    Shakuyaku: Though I didn't know you had a skeleton in the crew, or that they could even move... I read the reports about Enies Lobby. Was it all true? Did you really pick a fight with the govenment?
    Luffy: Fine...I'll tell you about it, even though it's a hassle.
    Shakuyaku: Ahahaha, you don't like to brag? You're quite a big-shot. You have the same name as the Navy's Garp, though...
    Luffy: Ah, that's 'cause he's my grandpa!

    Shakuyaku: Ah, I thought so...Garp chased after me a long time ago.
    Luffy: Why?
    Hachi: Shakky used to be a pirate.
    Shakuyaku: Though I washed my hands of it 40 years ago.
    Luffy: Lady...just how old are you? (sweats)
    Shakuyaku: Nowadays, I just have fun cheering on rookies like you.

    Hachi: By the way, Shakky...
    Shakuyaku: Ah, I already know what you're going to say. I know all about it.
    Hacchan and Kaymie came onto land and went out of their way to show Monkey-chan and crew where to get a coating, right?
    That is, you want Rayleigh to do a coating?
    Hachi: Nyuuu, that's right.
    Shakuyaku: ---but he's not here.
    Luffy: Eeeh!? The craftsman's not here!? But we wanna go to Fishman Island.
    Shakuyaku: Well, there's no way he'd leave the archipelago, so...we could search all the bars and gambling places...
    Luffy: If we wait, he'll come back, right?
    Shakuyaku: Yes, someday...though he hasn't been back in half a year.
    Luffy: Half a year!?
    Shakuyaku: I think he's been lodging somewhere around here, so I'm not worried about his health, but...
    ...this flying off and not returning for a long time...maybe it's just the nature of an ex-pirate.
    Luffy: So the coating guy was a pirate, too!

    Brook: We're at a loss...then, we can only search for him. Where do you suppose he might be?
    Shakuyaku: Hmmm...perhaps he's somewhere on the first 29 Groves. He's also infamous, so he wouldn't be able to relax anywhere near the Navy. Other than that...besides those places...he also likes Shabondy Park.....
    Luffy: The amusement park!! Let's look there~~~!!!
    Kaymie: Yaaay!! The amusement park~~~!!!
    Pappag: Hey!! Kaymie!!

    Shakuyaku: Wherever you search, be careful.
    According to my information network...with your crew landed here, the current number on Shabondy Archipelago is now...eleven!!
    The number of people with bounties ranging in the hundred millions, that is.
    Chopper: That many~~!?
    Shakuyaku: Besides Monkey-chan and Roronoa-chan, there are nine others!!
    When all of you entered the Grand chose one of seven routes at the entrance, and continued to follow the log.
    Luffy: Yeah.
    Shakuyaku: So, naturally, there are those of you who struggled on the other six paths, and those who surmounted all obstacles to arrive here.
    No matter what route you follow, you will run into the Red Line, order to overcome that wall, everyone gathers at this archipelago, understand?
    The rookies of the world have never been at the same place at the same time...until now.
    Kid, Luffy, Hawkins, Drake, Law. Those names have frequently been in the headlines.
    Luffy: I don't read the paper.
    Shakuyaku: Ufufufufu...information is power. Shouldn't you learn the names of your rivals, at least? Not to mention the bounties... Among these people, you're ranked Number 2!!
    Chopper: There's someone above Luffy!? Here, on this island...!?

    Then, the introduction of the nine rookies.

    People: ...Wow, what a spender. Where's he getting it all from...?

    One man softly sets down a wine glass.

    Capone: Vulgar girl, you're making the food taste terrible. Shut up and come here!!!

    West Blue Native - Leader of the Firetank Pirates
    Capone Gang Bege - Bounty 138,000,000 Belli

    Crewman: That's no good, chief!! If the Navy headquarters finds out...
    Capone glares at his crewman and swings down his fork.
    Crewman: Gaaaaaah!!

    Bonney: Still no food!? It's almost gone!!!
    Crewman: It looks like they're making more as fast as they can, Captain.
    Bonney: They're not working fast enough!!! Give~~~me~~~more~~~pizza!!!

    South Blue Native - Captain of the Bonney Pirates
    "Big Eater" Jewelry Bonney - Bounty 140,000,000 Belli

    Crewman: What's this? You got spaghetti all over my clothes!
    Employee: I-I'm s-sorry...
    Hawkins: Concerning the fate of your clothes...I'm sorry to inform you, but it's a cruel and unlucky day.

    North Blue Native - Captain of the Hawkins Pirates
    "The Magician" Basil Hawkins - Bounty 249,000,000 Belli

    Somewhere, an explosion...
    Townspeople: Waaaa~~!! Gaaaaah!! What's that, a fight!!?

    Apoo: If you want to fight, let's wait until we get to the other side of the wall. Don't you know how strong we are?
    Kid: If that's so, stop staring at me, you disgusting bastard...fine, we'll stop here.

    Grand Line Native - Captain of the On Air Pirates
    "Roar of the Sea" Scratchmen Apoo - Bounty 198,000,000 Belli

    South Blue Native - Captain of the Kid Pirates
    Eustass Captain Kid - Bounty 315,000,000 Belli

    In another group...
    Townspeople: The Monk's gone wild!!!

    Drake: Go wild...toward the New World!!!

    North Blue Native - Captain of the Drake Pirates
    Red Flag X Drake - Bounty 222,000,000

    Monk: The former Navy officer Drake, huh...fufu, that was a narrow escape from death...masked man.

    Sky Island Native - Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates
    "Mystery Monk" Urouge - Bounty 108,000,000 Belli

    South Blue Native - Fighting crewman of the Kid Pirates
    "Massacre Man" Killer - Bounty 162,000,000 Belli

    [The script comments on the fact that Law looks like Gin.]

    Law: And I was having such a nice time.....Drake.....!! How many people did you kill?

    North Blue Native - Captain of the Heart Pirates
    "Dark Doctor" Trafalgar Law - Bounty 200,000,000 Belli
    [ED: The spoiler pictures seem to list Law's nickname differently.]

    Shakuyaku: The number of pirate crews who entered this sea from the mountain can already be counted.
    The Grand Line is a grand "survival tournament", so to speak-------
    The pirates who survive their route and reach this place are the chosen elite.
    Perhaps some in this next generation of pirates will become something truly great.
    The reason Captain Kid has a higher bounty than that he's done a lot of damage to civilians...
    He's not cute at all. That's why I'm rooting for Monkey-chan's crew!!
    Luffy: Well...for now, it's okay to just relax and have fun...but if this city's so wild, I'm worried about the coating guy.
    Shakuyaku: My guy? He'll be fine. He's 100 times stronger than all you boys.
    Luffy: !!?

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    whooo pretty interesting a lot of strong pirates are there i wonder where this story will go...


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    I definitely foresee Zoro getting into trouble. All alone wandering around with other strong pirates about.

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    Luffy isn't so unlikely to end up in trouble, too. The only thing that might restrain him is that Hacchan's with him. But we're definitely going to see some action. And I really hope for some stupid quarrels.
    I added the translation for what I suppose is the whole chapter.
    And kaze1028 from MH says that there's going to be no one piece in 3 weeks, till the 15/16th of May.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jupzter View Post
    whooo pretty interesting a lot of strong pirates are there i wonder where this story will go...
    Indeed, we already have a large amount of powerful pirates that can currently surpass Luffy's crew, and now we've been introduced even more, this is becoming just great.

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    Oda is really amazing. I had foreseen having stronger pirates but this many and staying in just one place. Really unpredictable!! That's the reason why I love one piece.
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