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    I don't think that was his son, because in the argument he had with Yourichi he said he was the next heir to the Kuchiki house. So if he had an older brother that couldn't be true.


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    Posted/translated by Velius and spacecat at BA:

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    OMG i just read the last spoilers and sound awesome but what the matter with this guy Hisagi Shuuhei is he so great cuz he is in the ss rescue rukia arc they mention the guy like he was one of the strongest he was offcial when kira, renji and hinamori were student (but yumichika beat him) and in the bount arc he apperar and now here again in the spoilers and we still dont know his shikai name is this guy that strong or atleast famous.

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    hey is there no bleach chapter (chapter -103) this week

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    No, there's no Weekly Jump this week, that's why the previou's week issue was a double issue (#22-23).

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