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    Quote Originally Posted by truyentranh View Post
    M4O [Download Manga Free] has free manga to download
    no online though
    i havent found a good online site yet
    What about the site you are on right now?

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    Manga Hut » Read free manga online. Hundreds of manga series!

    theres also this site which you can view manga on.

    That link is already in the list, but thanks anyway! - damnz
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    Cool links, I want too add some too.

    Online manga

    iNaruto.Net - The Life in Me and Naruto
    a site run by a Singaporean dude, showing some shonen like Naruto, Eyeshield and Vagabond. Each page of a chapter is shown one page so no need to click next, just scroll down.

    Online Manga Viewer 1.2 Alpha
    Fullmetal Alchemist is the most updated I think but it has some other manga like Gakuen Heaven and Yakitate!! Japan

    Manga Rooter - Your #1 Manga Source, Read Anime Manga Online!
    only 388 manga and the ad at the bottom is kinda annoying too

    Download manga

    MangaSpot - Your #1 Manga Resource! (No Assembly Required)
    the latest site news is on Feb 2007 but some download links still work I think

    loads of manga to download, just sign up for free

    Added. - damnz
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    Updated. Some no longer running sites removed from the list.

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    great links guys!!! thanks for all the work.

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    This is a huge collection of a lot of different people's work.
    FILES -->.. ..<--ONLINE ACCESS
    It's both an online reader and a download site.

    Added. - damnz
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    I havent been able to find WJuliet for Volumes 11,13 and 14. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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    Free advertising? Groovy. xD
    I (re)finished my site a bit ago, Manga Seed. It has free manga downloads, as long as you register. No paid, premium or whatever services.

    Added. ~Binky

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    Shaman King &mdash;

    this page is very good about 150 mangas for download

    Wow, useful site! Added to the list. - damnz
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