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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Shepherd View Post
    I still dont see how this will even help their income.. wont it just hurt them?
    well the way things are now isn't helping them either, so something needs to change. i just think "we" the fans could have a bigger effect on the industry.

    for starters, fansubbers do not need to release the whole series of an anime, how about the first 3 episodes and then, if you really, really like it, go buy it online or at a store near you.

    same thing for manga, one chapter a month, if you think the series is crap, stop reading it and check something else out. if you like it, buy the volumes. if the current volume isn't out yet, either get your friends together and petition something to the u.s. manga distributors for a demand on this or buy the raws and learn to read japanese.

    and by the way, the petition thing works, i mean "One Piece" and "Naruto" aren't that far behind and that was because fans demanded more from the manga titles. do the same for the entire industry and imagine what could happen.

    and i know a lot of you will disagree with my suggestions, but if you have access to the da*n internet, you can virtually buy anything. enough with the excuses, if your true fans, you can't knock what i am saying.

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    Guys, I love the enthusiasm, but this is not the place to be discussing this. If you want to carry on this conversation do it in the onemanga closing thread in the watercooler.

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    Thanks for sharing great list of manga sites. I like to use and Recently i gonna there to get latest Naruto shippuden manga chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranson View Post
    Thanks for sharing great list of manga sites. I like to use and Recently i gonna there to get latest Naruto shippuden manga chapter.
    Actually, Naruto has been removed from MangaVolume. For now, you can visit to read the latest chapter online.

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    - ALL OneManga's manga plus many more (counting over 1600s in English).
    - nice layout, themes, favorite manga-s, forums and much more

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