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    Manga Run

    Site with Stoptazmo Manga volumen unziped.
    Simca Hate Club >:3

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    [ONLINE VIEWING] naruto,inuyasha,onepiece IN ONE PAGE

    Hi,get the latest naruto,inuyasha and or read it online in one page
    dont forget to give some advices and critics.

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    One Piece some cool site today

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    SAIYANISLAND - The Naruto Island!

    they have scanlations posted page-by-page...not by zip...but theyre yea.

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    Believe Manga

    My manga site, just need 15 posts to download around 100+ series of manga.


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    where can i find shingetstutan tsukihime . i wanna read it online

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    Removed the link above, please don't repost. Those requirements seem like an unreasonable farce to take in a $5 access fee. 200 posts or "chance options", yeah right. Just because they label it a donation doesn't make it right.

    Looking at their extreme tracker too... MangaShare gets more than twice their traffic and our server costs are roughly half of what their donation goal is. Most of our traffic comes here to download manga too, just like theirs. Make sense?

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    i have another great site where you can download loads of manga series.
    it's called and most series are complete available

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    A couple MSN groups i am a member of (don't have to be to view)... have 99.9% of their respective mangas...

    Naruto Manga Returns

    and thanks for having me as a member

    **edit: Changed Bleach site...was unaware of a change in my old one. They had removed chapters prior to 169.... this one has all of em in volumes.

    Links added, thanks. - damnz
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  10. #60 has free manga to download
    no online though
    i havent found a good online site yet

    Link added, thanks. If you're looking for a good online reading site, check the MangaShare Reader. - damnz
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