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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    out of those web sites which one is the first one to post the lasted manga 1st
    mangaupdates = the manga version site of bakaupdates, they're unbelieveably fast when it comes on adding new manga/anime

    so i guess that one has the most manga of them all

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    Don't knoe if anyone knows this one... It's a read-online site. The fastest I found. Has a good collection of manga. But somme will need you to have points...and you earn points by helping the community. Ex: Do a summary of a manga/anime, add character names... easy things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjastik View Post it rotates manga i think... iono why though
    if you change the numbers in the url you can get to whatever volume or chapter you want, it doesn't matter.

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    can read all naruto chapters from this site

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    One Piece

    An alternate site for read online ,maybe you all knew this site.
    It has alot of manga collection for online viewing.

    FILES -->.. ..<--ONLINE ACCESS

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    Naruto Manga Returns
    this is my fave site for naruto... it only dedicated to naruto..

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