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    Does anyone have a link the Star Ocean: Till the End of Time manga?
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    #Lurk has Star Ocean packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berzalum View Post
    beware the site is full of viruses... and i mean it its a java script program or something.. just beware
    Yeah I Know... I was careless saying that was a good site. As first sight it seemed very good one but after some research I've noticed that it was not that good and all that pub sounded very doubtful. Among this thread I found a online reading one that fitted perfectly for what I was looking for.

    Btw thanks for the warning =)

  4. #24 Scans Berserk and a number of other hard to find mangas. I'm pretty sure the majority of their scans aren't done by any other groups.

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    Ah I like
    they have hundreds of series for download plus some read online chapters- plus it's not a forum based one where you have to make so many posts to download- I hate those!

  6. #26 has many different manga readable online and to d/l
    They added different ones recently

    Another good one is

    Also, about all mangas can be read online if you google "name of manga" manga msn

    Ex: Bleach Manga MSN
    The first link should have an msn group of it

    Also does anyone know any site with the megaman manga, or maybe the old pokemon manga?

    I thought they were cool <.<
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    Thanx a lot for all these sites

  8. #28 is a good one

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    Normal manga scans:

    The following are YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI OR YURI/SHOUJO-AI ONLY SITES so don't yell at me if you didn't read the warning:

    Desperate Love.
    Hack the Mainstream. (Probably the best one, esp. if you like Minami Haruka.)
    Doki Doki.
    Storm in Heaven.
    Yurusu. (LOVELESS-only scans.)
    LOVELESS Zerosum @ lj. (They release LOVELESS as it comes out, scans first, then translations. Sometimes it is scanlated; you have to be a member to access the D/Ls)

    Enjoy. :3

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    For 666 Satan of course^^

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