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    Who do you like most in bleach?
    Shiba Kaien-dono. Hitsugaya Toushirou comes a very close second.

    Who do you dislike most in bleach?
    Soi Fon's fukutaichou, whoever he is, I'm not bothered to find a name.

    Who do you think looks the coolest in bleach?
    Looks coolest.. I think Halibel looks pretty cool. As a character, I think Shiba Kuukaku is cool. Grimmjow looks way hawt though. EDIT: Oh! Zangetsu! He looks way cool. EDIT II: HISAGI!!

    Who do you think looks the worst in bleach?
    Don Whatshisname.. Oh, Don Kanonji.

    Who is the sexiest person in bleach?
    A tie between Shihouin Yoruichi and Shiba Kuukaku.

    Who has the best personality in bleach?
    Neliel Tu Oderschvank!!

    Who has the worst personality in bleach?
    I don't like Hinamori Momo. >:( Or Hiyori.
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