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    Hmm, I thought Boston was a lock for the east before the first round, but going to game 7 vs the Hawks was both unexpected and unreasonable. I mean they won almost 30 games more than Atlanta. However, the good thing for them is they always play game 7 at hom, where they still stand undefeated, in the playoff series. But if they had all this problems with the Hawks, it can only get worse. The West I think the Hornets have more chances than the Jazz actually do. Still I would say Lakers-Hornets, even though defeating San Antonio is quite a feat, so it can go either way for me, Boston(cause the Cavs look like an even worse team, so unless LeBron wins em all)-Detroit. Just for experience, though I would love the Magic to come out of it on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greed-sama View Post
    Cavs and Celtics can't meet in the finals. They are meeting in the semi-finals. I say Detroit/Boston for the East finals and Hornets/(Go out on a limb here) Jazz then follow with Pistons vs Hornets for the finals. Oh I can wish
    If, they hold home-court. Don't write off the Baby Hawks just yet (though they have lost by an average margin of 20+ points in Boston - here's to hoping).

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    who would win?!. a veteran, 4 titles in the franchise team or a 2nd-timer one [since 2003]?!.

    *biased against new orleans. lolz.*
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    My bad on the East final loll. I never checked the brackets . I got Cleveland in the East final either way though. I'm really hoping Boston loses to Atlanta, so all the bandwagon-ers can jump off already. I'm gonna say Lakers and Cavs for the final, Lakers in 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidzey View Post
    who would win?!. a veteran, 4 titles in the franchise team or a 2nd-timer one [since 2003]?!.

    *biased against new orleans. lolz.*
    Are you serious?

    You'd rather the most hated team in the league win in a seven-game matchup against one of the more exciting ones.

    Man, Chris Paul's tandem of pick-and-roll basketball is impressive. Only Nash and Stoudemire prove to have better chemistry than Paul and Chandler (how many screens has Chandler set up for Paul, allowing for the little fella to penetrate and then pass it up to the big fella near the rim).

    New Orleans Hornets all the way baby!
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    ye New Orleans Hornets all the way! [to the toilet] ^_^

    i'm sorry but lakers will be champs this year as sure as kobe'll accept his mvp trophy in game 1 vs utah. ^_^


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    Awesome game Hornet's one. They completely beat up San Antonio. I ended up even being sorry for Duncan... I hope this series turns to be 3-3; really good matches

    About Boston and Atlanta... I like both teams, and the effort Atlanta is doing is admirable, but the all-start Boston team must win and reach the East's finals at least. Otherwise, it would be the greatest failure I've seen in a lot of years!

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    Yes, Boston put the Hawks away! 30+ point difference, things are looking brighter for the Celtics in my opinion.

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    I think my picking the Jazz over the Lakers might turn out to be a mistake. But I still pick Pistons over Magic, Celtics or Cavaliers, and the Hornets over the Spurs. Watching the way the Celtics have played in the play-offs gives me hope for the Pistons to be able to beat them.
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