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Thread: Stupid teachers

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    I had this math teacher that didn't want to teach math. You know how normal math teachers usually go over problems from the homework the night before just so you can learn about how to solve it?

    She would always say, "No, we don't have time for that. This is a short class and we don't have time to cover that."

    But she had 5 to 10 minutes each class to talk about her 'cute husband'. Everyday. . .

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    Once someone had to sharpen their pencil during class and the teacher started yelling at them and saying stuff like "You should have been prepared for class!" and his pencil broke during the middle of the class.

    She wouldn't let anyone in our class use the bathroom or anything during class, either.

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    we got this mean a*$ sub and we had to do a play. he starts assigning parts im offered by a girl but say no.

    Later he says raise your hand if u have no part.
    i raise it.
    he says you have one!
    no i dont.
    young lady does he have one?
    i believe so.
    you punk, you lied to me!
    I say no i didnt.
    yes u did!
    finally i yeel at the old fart to read the damn board. he says oh not even apologizing WTF

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