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Thread: Stupid teachers

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    my science teacher told us a dolpin is a fish. when I corrected him he gave me detention for questioning his teaching methods


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    ^that irritates me to no end, because teachers make so many mistakes and they're getting PAID to be there.

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    Less stupid, more greedy. I was studying Geography at 'A' Level out in Ghana. The 2nd paper is split into Human Geography of the World and Human Geography of Tropical Africa. We were running out of time to complete the syllabus so both teachers agreed to hold extra classes if we would 'compensate' them for their time. We agreed. The World teacher held his class on Thursday afternoons and turned up without fail. The tropical Africa teacher decided to hold his classes at 5 am (Most Ghanaian schools are boarding) but tended to be too drunk to attend half of them. So we realize that the two subject are fairly similar and dump the drunk bastard. His retaliation? He refused to mark our exam papers for a year because "He didn't know what we had been taught."
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    TEACHER; Remove that book please!
    WE (we didn't had a book): Wha? We?
    TEACHER; Yes, you, i'm not stupid!
    We stood to show that we didn't had anything
    TEACHER; ok, i am stupid

    Our economy teacher: Economy, who gives a shit?

    Teacher; What do you have at the second hour?
    I; dunno, even if you'll kill me (dunno if this is a english term but translated it is in dutch)
    Teacher; Don't give me some good ideas!
    We also have an teacher that is an racist:

    at the open-day:
    I was guiding some colored kids
    the teacher: dont let those "things" join the school. I dont want people like that around
    the kids joined the school btw and i got detention because i let them join. He said that i was eating chips under the lesson >.>. Now I want him to die

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    my math teacher tries to make eveything sound like "omg, yeah u can do this and this and get this" since most plp don't raise their hands he thinks we r dumb. he comes up with corny joke and when noone laugh he give us a handout and sit down on his chair. my friend sits in front of him and gives him 'u r annoying me' look. he also twist his nose and look down girl's shirt. he's also gay
    and ss teacher laughs at plp and she doesn't care if she hurts anyone's feelings.

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    one time i was sitting down and the teacher says " may u please sit down " ...
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    one day in the Spanish class I went to uses the stapler but I don't work so I said it to the teacher and she told me throw away and i did throw through the window she start nags myself because I could have hurt somebody else (the class it was in a second floor). so u can guess they called my parents and I was punished by several days to do what the teacher told me :S

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    Math Teacher: How did the soldier get the tank in the house?
    ME:not again.........
    Math Teacher: It was a fish tank!!!hahaha
    (2 years of the class nearly killed my love for math)
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    well last year i enter in the university or college but this las semester i have to take the class of christian faith and i was like OMG this will be boring, so all the student were in the class waiting for the professor and he was late for like 5-7 minutes and he enter very upset he went to the switch light turn it off then he sat down in its desk and he said if God exists that he turn the light on and we were all watching and in silence for 10 minutes then he went again to the switch and turn it on he said u see God it doesn't exist. I was like :O and start to laugh many people in the class rises and cancel the class I stay and pass the class and I say the truth it was not anything boring.
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    one of my art teachers decided she didnt like my art work so she took it, put it on her seat and sat on it,dont ask me why. but it totally killed my love for art...

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